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The 23 Best Dishes Eater Austin Editors Ate in 2021, Mapped

Austin Food Experts Discuss Their Biggest Restaurant Hopes for 2022

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2021’s Most-Read Eater Austin Stories and 11 You Might Have Missed

These 12 stories got a lot of Austinites talking this year

The Best Pandemic Restaurant Pivots of 2021 in Austin: More Pop-Ups, Livable Wages, Online Ordering

These Austin Restaurants Have Really Stepped Up for Their Communities in 2021

Industry Experts Predict Austin Restaurant Headlines for 2022

Austin Food Writers Name the Best Dining Neighborhoods in the City in 2021

Local Food Experts Share Their Most Anticipated Austin Restaurants of 2022

Austin Food Experts Lament the City’s Saddest Restaurant Closures of 2021

Where Austin Food Writers Had Their Best Restaurant Meals in 2021

Austin Food Experts’ Exciting New Go-To Restaurants in 2021

What We Hope for the Austin Restaurant Industry in 2021

Austin Restaurant Trends That Experts Hope Continue Into 2021

Celebrating Austin Restaurants Doing Good for the Local Community

Austin Dining Experts on How Restaurants Will Rebuild in 2021

Industry Experts Predict Austin Restaurant Headlines for 2021

The New Austin Restaurants Local Dining Experts Are Most Excited About in 2021

The Most Unforgettable Austin Dining Stories of 2020

The Saddest Austin Restaurant Closures of 2020

The Best Restaurant Meals Austin Food Writers Ate in 2020

Austin Dining Experts Pick Their Top Restaurant Newcomers of 2020

Where Austin Restaurant Industry Experts Ordered Their Favorite Takeout Meals in 2020

Austin Food Experts Predict 2020 Restaurant Headlines

Austin Restaurant Experts Share the Best Meals of 2019

The Top Complaints About Austin Dining in 2019

Austin’s Biggest Dining Surprises of 2019

Experts Agree: East Austin Is Still Austin’s Best Dining Neighborhood

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The Best Dishes Eater Austin Editors Ate in 2019, Mapped

7 Austin Dining Experts Describe the 2019 Restaurant Scene in One Word

Austin’s Top Restaurant Newcomers of 2019: Nixta Taqueria, DipDipDip Tatsu-ya, and Comedor

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Austin’s Biggest Restaurant Openings of 2019

The Biggest Austin Restaurant Closures of 2019