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Photo: Vinh T./Yelp

Austin's 33 Favorite Vegetarian Dishes, According to Eater Readers

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Austin is a barbecue city, but there's still plenty of vegetarian enthusiasm to go around. To balance out the city's love of meat, Eater readers share their favorite vegeterian dishes around Austin. From fried avocado tacos from Torchy's to local veggie plates at Cenote, here's a map of 33 great options.

See a favorite missing? Hit the tipline or in the comments below to make your case.

— Nadia Chaudhury

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Note: Restaurants on this map are listed geographically.
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Bouldin Creek Café

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The vegetarian and vegan friendly South Austin cafe has plenty of choices for the veggie lover, from the veggie royal made with pecan pesto, and the Wanna-BLT with tofu bacon.

[Photo: Mettle/Yelp]

Polvos Mexican Restaurant

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[Photo: Sean C./Yelp]

24 Diner

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[Photo: Vinh T./Yelp]

Wheatsville Co-op

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[Photo: Kathy H./Yelp]

Mellizoz Tacos

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[Photo: Jennifer Y./Yelp]

Share the delicious carrots, green beans, beets, Brussels sprouts, turnips, and chard when you order the local veggie plate.

Torchy's Tacos

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[Photo: Vicki V./Yelp]

Curra's Grill

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[Photo: Ben C./Yelp]

House Pizzeria

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[Photo: Chris M./Yelp]
[Photo: J.M./Yelp]
[Photo: Allen T./Yelp]


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[Photo: Thomas G./Yelp]

The Steeping Room

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[Photo: Jennifer Y./Yelp]

Sway Thai

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The squash curry is a medley of butternut and kabocha squash, or go for the traditional green curry, with no meat.


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[Photo: Erik P./Yelp]

Kerbey Lane Café

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[Photo: Linda C./Yelp]


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[Photo: Mike D./Yelp]

The Hightower

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The smoked tofu comes with loads of veggies, charred orange, and edamame puree.

Lucy's Fried Chicken

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[Photo: Todd P./Yelp]

Hyde Park Bar & Grill

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[Photo: B.D./Yelp]

Chago's Caribbean Cuisine

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[Photo: Irene J./Yelp]

Eastside Cafe

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[Photo: Lisa B./Yelp]

Counter Culture

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[Photo: Electric Lemonade T./Yelp]

BBQ Revolution

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[Photo: BBQ Revolution/Facebook]

Mr. Natural

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[Photo: Dana G./Yelp]

Lulu B's Sandwiches

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[Photo: Kelly S./Yelp]

Jason's Deli

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[Photo: Yelp]

Galaxy Cafe

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[Photo: Maigen A./Yelp]

Foreign & Domestic

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Fit for a steak replacement, the glazed portobello mushroom steak at Foreign & Domestic comes with mushroom custard, field peas, and pea broth.

El Monumento

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[Photo: Tim M./Yelp]

Maria's Taco Xpress

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[Photo: Josh J./Yelp]
[Photo: Jamie L./Yelp]

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