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A singer in a white shirt that reads Who Is Taylor Swift Anyway? Ew. With dancers in red behind her.
Taylor Swift is finally back on tour.
John Shearer/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

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Where to Eat and Drink Like a Taylor Swift Song in Austin

A Swiftie Eras guide to Austin restaurants and bars

Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Are you ready for it? Taylor Swift last played stadiums in 2018 for Reputation, and so much has happened since then: the ongoing pandemic, her canceled Lover Fest, and a half-dozen new albums, including originals and Taylor’s Version re-recordings. But now she’s back on the road.

The rightfully epic Eras Tour makes up for a lot of lost time and songs. Alas, since Austin doesn’t have a big enough venue for Swift, local Swifties will have to trek to Dallas, Houston, and/or non-Texas cities to experience the three-hour-play-slash- concert in real life. The last time she actually performed in Austin was her sole performance in 2016 at F1.

There are some distinct food/drink threads throughout Swift’s song career: coffee, whiskey drinks, wines, and drinking and eating around midnight or very late at night. We in Austin can still pay homage by eating and drinking in Austin like a Taylor Swift song with this handy guide broken up and listed in Eras order.

Taylor Swift (2006)

“Our Song”

‘Cause our song is the slamming screen door / Sneakin’ out late, tappin’ on his window

Austin’s patio scene is unparalleled, and yes, there is a covered patio that works well for this song from Swift’s first studio album. Posse East’s patio is perfect, kitschy, and the right destination for cold beers and burgers. (2900 Duval Street, North Campus)

A performer making a heart shape out of her hands while wearing a guitar.
Taylor Swift performing in Las Vegas for the Eras Tour in her Fearless era.
Ethan Miller/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Fearless (2008/2021)

“White Horse”

Now it’s too late for you and your white horse / To come around

Obviously, the only place in Austin for this song would be honky-tonk the White Horse. (500 Comal Street, East Austin)

Speak Now (2010)


You were in college working part-time waitin’ tables / Left a small town, never looked back

The campus-adjacent location of Counter Cafe sounds suitable for this Swift sentiment. (603 West 29th Street, West Campus)


And I can see you years from now in a bar / Talking over a football game / With that same big, loud opinion / But nobody’s listening

The city is full of sports bars, and it’s the Tavern that is sure to show football games on one of its 50 televisions. (922 West 12th Street, West End)

A performer in a ball gown looking over her shoulder.
Taylor Swift performing in Glendale, Arizona for the Eras Tour in her Speak Now era.
John Shearer/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Red (2012/2021)

“All Too Well (10-Minute Version)”

Sippin’ coffee like you’re on a late-night show

Of the great coffee shops in Austin, roastery and cafe Greater Goods has great coffee and a good mug available, for those who want to pretend to be the guy with the red scarf — but also, why? (2501 East Fifth Street, Holly)


It feels like a perfect night / For breakfast at midnight

While Austin’s 24/7 restaurant scene has diminished during the pandemic, Star Seeds is still holding strong for all your breakfast at-midnight needs. (3101 North I-35 Frontage Road, Cherrywood)

“We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together”

And you would hide away and find your peace of mind / With some indie record that’s much cooler than mine

To see cool indie bands perform in Austin, head to the concert venue the Mohawk. Fun fact: one of her openers, the equally fantastic Phoebe Bridgers, has played the venue before. (912 Red River Street, Downtown)

A performer in a red squined robe and outfit playing the guitar.
Taylor Swift performing in Glendale, Arizona for the Eras Tour in her Red era.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

“Holy Ground”

I was reminiscing just the other day / While having coffee all alone, and Lord, it took me away / Back to a first-glance feeling on New York time

The window counter seating at Better Half — facing the boisterous side patio — is the place for sad solo coffee drinking. (406 Walsh Street, West Austin)

“Message in a Bottle”

How is it in London? (London) / Where were you while I’m wonderin’ (Wonderin’)

One of the city’s premier British restaurants is Nosh & Bevy. (8440 Burnet Road, Suite 100, North Shoal Creek)

1989 (2014)

“Welcome to New York”

Welcome to New York, it’s been waiting for you

For a taste of New York City, Favorite Pizza offers New York-style slices and pies. Plus, it’s an homage to Queens baseball team the Mets, which is a more New York move than the Yankees, even though Swift did make a commencement speech and get an honorary doctorate degree from NYU at Yankee Stadium. (801 West Sixth Street, Downtown)

A performer in a two-piece sparkly outfit singing with dancers.
Taylor Swift performing in Glendale, Arizona for the Eras Tour in her 1989 era.
John Shearer/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

“New Romantics”

We’re all bored, we’re all so tired of everything / We wait for trains that just aren’t coming

Stick with us here: she’s singing about trains, and dive bar Donn’s Depot is literally an old train station. (1600 West Fifth Street, Clarksville)

“You Are in Love”

Small talk, he drives / Coffee at midnight

For late-night coffee needs, Epoch Coffee is back to serving 24/7 again. (221 West North Loop Boulevard, North Loop)

Reputation (2017)


Dive bar on the East Side, where you at?

The truest answer to this lyric is the Liberty. If only Bobs the cat was found too. (1618 East Sixth Street, East Austin)

“Getaway Car”

I knew it from the first Old Fashioned, we were cursed

The platonic ideal of an Old Fashioned can be found at the expert cocktail bar Roosevelt Room. (307 West Fifth Street, Downtown)

A singer in a red and black sparkly leotard singing in front of animated people in outfits.
Taylor Swift performing in Glendale, Arizona for the Eras Tour in her Reputation era.
John Shearer/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

“King of My Heart”

Up on the roof with a school girl crush / Drinking beer out of plastic cups

While not necessarily served in plastic cups, Live Oak Brewing Company — one of the city’s oldest breweries — befits the Swift song. (1615 Crozier Lane, Del Valle)


Whisky on ice, Sunset and Vine

For two birds, one stone, Los Angeles import bar Seven Grand is all about whiskeys. (405 East Seventh Street, Downtown)


I’m spilling wine in the bathtub

When it’s nice or hot outside, patio bar Kitty Cohen’s includes a (shallow) pool for wading and a drinks list that includes wines (also the name keeps in line with the cat theme). (2211 Webberville Road, East Austin)

Lover (2019)


We could leave the Christmas lights up ‘til January

The natural pick is Christmas-forever dive bar Lala’s, which, indeed, keeps the holiday lights up in January and beyond. (2207 Justin Lane, Brentwood)

A performer in a sparkly leotard singing in front of flowy fabrics.
Taylor Swift performing in Glendale, Arizona for the Eras Tour in her Lover era.
Kevin Winter/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

“False God”

Make confessions and we’re begging for forgiveness / Got the wine for you

Clubby bar Higher Ground has a whole religious theme going on and it serves wine. (720 Congress Avenue, Downtown)

“You Need to Calm Down”

But you’re takin’ shots at me like it’s Patrón

Do better than Patrón at La Holly, a bar focusing on cocktails made with good tequila and other agave spirits. (2500 East Sixth Street, Holly)

Folklore (2020)

“The 1”

I hit the Sunday matinée / You know the greatest films of all time were never made

Art house theater AFS Cinema offers matinees for indie/cult movies that are probably Criterion-certified, plus a nice array of house cocktails and wines. (6406 N I-35, Suite 3100, the Linc)


I’m a mirrorball / I’ll show you every version of yourself tonight / I’ll get you out on the floor / Shimmering beautiful

It’s in the name: Outer Heaven Disco Club. (1808 East 12th Street, Central East Austin)

A performer singing while sitting on the floor in a flowy purple dress.
Taylor Swift performing in Glendale, Arizona for the Eras Tour in her Folklore era.
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management


Sweet tea in the summer

Sweet tea and barbecue go hand in hand, and both can be found at stellar Interstellar BBQ, which even glazes its pork belly in a peach tea sauce. (12233 Ranch Road 620 North, near Anderson Mill)


August sipped away like a bottle of wine

While away hot days on the patio of LoLo armed with bottles of natural wine. (1504 East Sixth Street, East Austin)

“This Is Me Trying”

Pouring out my heart to a stranger / But I didn’t pour the whiskey

Generally great all-around bar Nickel City has a solid good whiskey collection, and the tiny indoor space lends itself well to getting to know the people sitting next to you. (1133 East 11th Street, Central East Austin)

Evermore (2020)


Lost in your current like a priceless wine

Neapolitan pizzeria restaurant Bufalina offers stellar wine lists, including many pricey yet fantastic bottles. (2215 East Cesar Chavez Street, Holly)

“Champagne Problems”

And hold your hand while dancing / Never leave you standing / Crestfallen on the landing / With champagne problems / Your mom’s ring in your pocket / Her picture in your wallet / You won’t remember all my / Champagne problems

Brand-new bar Holiday is the embodiment of this song, especially since the house cocktails are called “fancies.” (5020 East Seventh Street, Govalle)

A performing in a yellow dress playing a grass-covered piano.
Taylor Swift performing in Glendale, Arizona for the Eras Tour in her Evermore era.
Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

“Gold Rush”

And the coastal town we wandered ‘round had nеver seen a love as pure as it / And thеn it fades into the gray of my day-old tea

Don’t let your tea get cold at the European-style spot Brentwood Social House during its afternoon tea services. (1601 West Koenig Lane, Brentwood)

“Coney Island”

Were you standing in the hallway / With a big cake, happy birthday

Paper Route Bakery fashions epic birthday cakes with decadent flavors. (1010 East Cesar Chavez Street, East Austin)

“Cowboy Like Me”

Now I’m waiting by the phone / Like I’m sitting in an airport bar

The Austin-Bergstrom International Airport includes loads of local restaurants and bars, including a location of Second Bar + Kitchen, which offers a strong cocktail list (Swift would probably go for the Walker Old Fashioned). (3600 Presidential Boulevard, near Del Valle)

A performer singing wearing a sparkly dress and purple fuzzy coat on a raised platform.
Taylor Swift performing in Glendale, Arizona for the Eras Tour in her Midnights era.
John Shearer/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management

Midnights (2022)

“Lavender Haze”

I just wanna stay in that lavender haze

Stay inside the lavender haze with Texas-Asian bakery OMG Squee’s dreamy ube soft serve. (4607 Bolm Road, Govalle)


We were cleaning incense off your vinyl shelf

The burgundy on my T-shirt / When you splashed your wine into me

Newcomer hotel bar Equipment Room is a hip place to listen to curated records while drinking wine (just don’t get messy). (1101 Music Lane, Travis Heights)


Sweet like honey, karma is a cat / Purring in my lap ‘cause it loves me

Cats sitting and purring in your lap while you sit up on canned drinks and coffee? Head straight to Purrfecto Cat Lounge. And adopting a kitty is good karma too. (2300 South Lamar Boulevard, Zilker)


I’m the wind in our free-flowing sails / And the liquor in our cocktails

Eater is choosing to interpret this line as a reference to bars that offer liquor setups: you bring the booze, and they provide mixers. Carousel Lounge works for these purposes as a bring-your-own-liquor bar, and the whole circus decor works for a Red callback — iykyk. (1110 East 52nd Street, Windsor Park)

A performer in a purple sequined leotard with one foot on a chair with dancers behind her.
Taylor Swift performing in Las Vegas for the Eras Tour in her Midnights era.
Ethan Miller/TAS23/Getty Images for TAS Rights Management


In an alleyway, drinking champagne / ‘Cause we were in Paris /Yes, we were somewhere else / My love, we were in Paris / Yes, we were somewhere else

The absolute most French dining destination in Austin is Justine’s, which has a convivial Parisian atmosphere and fantastic French fare, and a small but strong champagne selection. (4710 East Fifth Street, Govalle)


“Christmas Tree Farm” (2019)

Where the people would come / To dance under sparkling lights / Bundled up in their mittens and coats / And the cider would flow / And I just wanna be there tonight

The best place for Austin-made cider, whether it’s scalding hot or very cold outside, is Fairweather Cider Co. (10609 Metric Boulevard, North Austin)

And if you’re into dining and drinking in Austin like Swift’s ex Harry Styles, Eater Austin has you covered.

Live Oak Brewing Company

1615 Crozier Lane, , TX 78617 (512) 385-2299 Visit Website

Favorite Pizza

801 West 6th Street, , TX 78703 (512) 478-4136 Visit Website

Higher Ground

720 Congress Avenue, , TX 78701 (512) 291-2060 Visit Website


2215 East Cesar Chavez Street, , TX 78702 (512) 394-5337 Visit Website

Seven Grand

1855 Blake Street, , CO 80202 Visit Website

Purrfecto Cat Lounge

2300 South Lamar Boulevard, Unit 104, Austin, Texas 78704 Visit Website


4710 East 5th Street, , TX 78702 (512) 385-2900 Visit Website

Nosh & Bevvy

8440 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX

Greater Goods Coffee Roasters

2501 East 5th Street, Austin, Texas 78702 Visit Website

Counter Cafe

1914 East 6th Street, , TX 78702 (512) 351-9961 Visit Website

Epoch Coffee

221 West North Loop Boulevard, , TX 78751 (512) 454-3762 Visit Website

Brentwood Social House

1601 West Koenig Lane, , TX 78756 (512) 362-8656 Visit Website

Paper Route Bakery

1010 East Cesar Chavez Street, , TX 78702 (512) 514-1101 Visit Website

The Liberty, a Luxury Collection Hotel, Boston

215 Charles Street, , MA 02114 (617) 224-4000 Visit Website

Second Bar + Kitchen [East Austin Hotel]

1108 East Sixth Street, Austin, Texas 78702 Visit Website

Nickel City

212 South Main Street, , TX 76104 (512) 987-4294 Visit Website

The Mohawk

912 Red River St, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 666-0877 Visit Website

The Tavern

2350 Railway Avenue, , CA 93441 (888) 218-4941 Visit Website


1504 East 6th Street, , TX 78702 (512) 906-0053 Visit Website


5020 East 7th Street, , TX 78702 Visit Website

Better Half

25 North Fremont Street, , OR 97227 (971) 347-3152 Visit Website

Posse East

, , TX 78703 (512) 476-7677

Fairweather Cider Co.

10609 Metric Boulevard, , TX 78758 (512) 394-5533 Visit Website

Interstellar BBQ

12233 Ranch Road 620 North, , TX 78750 (512) 382-6248 Visit Website

Outer Heaven Disco Club

1808 East 12th Street, , TX 78702 (702) 326-8976 Visit Website

Donn's Depot

1600 West 5th Street, , TX 78703 (512) 478-0336 Visit Website

Lala's Little Nugget

2207 Justin Lane, , TX 78757 (512) 487-5297 Visit Website

The Roosevelt Room

307 West 5th Street, , TX 78701 (512) 494-4094 Visit Website

Kitty Cohen's

2211 Webberville Road, , TX 78702 Visit Website

The White Horse

500 Comal Street, , TX 78702 (512) 553-6756 Visit Website

AFS Theater

6406 N I-35, Suite 3100, Austin, Texas 78752 Visit Website

La Holly

2500 East 6th Street, , TX 78702 (512) 215-9949 Visit Website

Austin-Bergstrom International Airport

3600 Presidential Blvd, Austin, TX 78719 (512) 530-2242 Visit Website

Carousel Lounge

1110 E 52nd Street, Austin, Texas 78723

OMG Squee

4607 Bolm Road, , TX 78702 (512) 435-9113 Visit Website

Star Seeds Cafe

3101 Interstate 35 Frontage Rd, Austin, TX 78722 (512) 478-7107 Visit Website

Equipment Room

1101 Music Lane, , TX 78704 (512) 520-5890

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