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Welcome to the Ask Eater Austin Dining Advice Column

Eater fields questions on where to find a particular dish, dine out for specific occasions, and much more

A city street at night.
Downtown Austin.
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Erin Russell is associate editor of Eater Austin, a native Austinite, and a big fan of carbs.

Have questions about the Austin dining scene? We’re kicking off Ask Eater, a dining advice column from Eater Austin in which the editors answer questions from readers.

Ask Eater where to find a specific dish, cuisine, or cocktail; where to eat when it’s a million degrees outside; which one of the hot new restaurants you should actually try; and so much more. No question is too weird or obscure to be considered. All answers will be highly opinionated.

Want to know if that impossible-to-get reservation is worth it? Or where to take a first date to keep things casual? Want to know how to beat restaurant lines? Or where you can actually get dressed up to go out in Austin? Or where you can find the best trofie in town? We’ve got you covered.

Send questions via email to with the subject line “Ask Eater Question,” and Eater will feature the answer to one or more questions each month, providing guidance to the questions that plague Austin diners (be sure to specify a part of town, if relevant). People who write in with questions remain anonymous, so go wild.