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A New Lavish Chocolate Shop Opens in North Austin From Former Chocolaterie Tessa Staffers

Golden Eye Chocolates offers all sorts of delicious flavors from its new store in North Shoal Creek

Many colorful chocolates in boxes.
The chocolates of Golden Eye Chocolates.
Golden Eye Chocolates
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

A new chocolate shop is opening in Austin, by two former staffers of the renowned and closed Chocolaterie Tessa. Golden Eye Chocolates is opening at 3010 West Anderson Lane. Suite E in the North Shoal Creek neighborhood starting on Saturday, January 27.

Golden Eye is all about decadent chocolates in classic and fun flavors with vibrant colors, made with European and American chocolates. Think pumpkin bread, aged eggnog, passionfruit caramel, the banana-rum There’s Always Rum in the Banana Stand, Champagne Problems, and much more. There are also classic chocolate ones in varying dark chocolate percentages.

When developing Golden Eye flavors, co-founder Lynde Mitchell told co-founder Jess Morrisey that, “I really want you to go just go wild. Whatever you want to do, let’s try it.” A tricky flavor that Mitchell developed was the Coconut Club. She wanted to create her version of a Mounds bar, and had trouble figuring out how to approach the ganache in a way that would stay fresh longer. And for Morrisey, she spent a lot of time working on the raspberry cheesecake, a three-layered confection where she had to spend time working on the proportions and ratio of the raspberry jelly, cream cheese ganache, and graham cracker pie crust.

Two women holding up boxes of chocolates in a store.
Jess Morrisey and Lynde Mitchell at Golden Eye Chocolates.
Golden Eye Chocolates

The chocolates are available a la carte as well as boxed options. Then there are chocolate spreads, barks, lollipops, and takes on chips.

Mitchell and Morrisey had worked together at Austin shop Chocolaterie Tessa. When that shuttered in May 2020, they decided to eventually start their own chocolate business together. Thus began Golden Eye Chocolates in 2021, where they made sweets for pickups at ghost kitchen hub Ghostline Kitchens in the McKinney neighborhood. And they realized they wanted to be able to open a physical space where people can come in and see their sweets, so they worked on opening this retail shop.

The name comes from a Central Texas flower, as well as a reference to the common goldeneye duck.

The store is intended to be the first phase of Golden Eye. The second will include a window into the chocolate production room so people can see them making the sweets, as well as being able to build their own box sets. That is aiming to happen by October.

Another potential aspect that the two are thinking about adding eventually is offering ice cream scoops by Merry Monarch, since there is an ice cream case at the space. The two businesses shared space at Ghostline.

There will be a party held on its opening day from noon to 6 p.m. with tastings, music, and drinks. When the North Shoal shop opens, its McKinney pickup location will remain open. The North Shoal hours will be from noon to 6 p.m. Monday through Saturday.

Golden Eye Chocolates

3010 West Anderson Lane. Suite E, Austin, Texas 78757 Visit Website