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Austin Wine Bar Opens Third Taproom in Zilker with Tacos and Coffee

Wanderlust Wine Company’s third location will also have a wine cave with speakeasy vibes

The counter at Wanderlust Wine Company’s Zilker location.
Counter at Wanderlust Wine Company’s Zilker location.
Wanderlust Wine Company

Wanderlust Wine Company, the Austin tasting room dedicated to tapped wines, opened its third location in Zilker this month. The new location features natural wines, tacos from TJ Tacos, and coffee by way of Vision, found at 1601 Barton Springs Road as of April 1.

Among the global wine varietals offered at Wanderlust are pet-nats, sauvignon blanc, verdejo, chardonnay, tempranillo, grenache, and an amber and orange blend. They also sell sangrias, margaritas, and spiked cold brews.

Then there’s the coffee and matcha menu from Vision. This includes its adaptogenic blend of lion’s mane, chaga, and cordyceps mushrooms, along with ashwagandha. Lemonade, turmeric, and yerba mate are available as well and all drinks have the option to add CBD or L-theanine. This is the only location of Wanderlust that currently sells Vision coffee products, but according to owner Sammy Lam, the plan is for Vision to eventually be at every Wanderlust location.

Wanderlust Wine Company’s interior space.
Wanderlust Wine Company’s interior space.
Wanderlust Wine Company

TJ Tacos is serving an assortment of tacos, tortas, and quesadillas that can be filled with asada, pastor, chorizo, or campechano. The tasting room is also offering charcuterie boards and snacks.

SquareRut Kava Bar opened the Barton Springs location in 2016, but closed it in late 2022. Its other two locations on North Lamar and Belterra are still open. Before SquareRut, the Barton Springs address was home to fave-but-closed coffee shop Flipnotics.

Currently, Wanderlust Zilker is operating with limited services and offerings. Lam says a larger wine menu, an online ordering system, and more space within the building should be available by the summer. There are plans to open areas that were previously inaccessible to patrons in the structure for events, live music, a to-go window, wine-tasting rooms, and a wine shop with a cave and cellar retail area selling wines from across the globe. Lam describes the wine cave as having a “speakeasy vibe” and says the shop will begin selling its own wines to-go in boxed packaging in an effort to promote sustainability.

The original Wanderlust opened in downtown Austin in 2020, with a spot in East Austin opened the following year. Those locations have over 80 wines on tap.

Wanderlust Zilker is open Tuesday to Saturday, from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m., and from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. on Saturdays.

Wanderlust Wine Co.

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Wanderlust Wine Company [Zilker]

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