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Tito’s Vodka Mocks the Seltzer Trend by Selling an Empty Can

The Austin brand will donate all proceeds to several nonprofits

An orange-and-white can that says “Tito’s in a Can” on a pile of ice.
Tito’s in a Can.
Erin Russell is associate editor of Eater Austin, a native Austinite, and a big fan of carbs.

Austin-based vodka company Tito’s Handmade Vodka has found viral internet fame for its new product poking fun at the ubiquitous boozy seltzer trend.

In a new perfectly produced video called “Finally, Tito’s in a Can,” an announcer says, “There comes a time when every alcohol brand must ask, ‘Should we make a seltzer?’ and our answer” The video goes on to promote a new Tito’s product that enables people to make their own canned seltzer: an empty, reusable 16-ounce insulated can.

Net proceeds from the can, which is $20 on the site, go to nonprofits Tito’s supports which include Emancipet, Accion Opportunity Fund, American Farmland Trust, Hire Heroes USA, and Meals on Wheels America.

Tito’s, which was founded by San Antonio native Tito Beveridge in 1997, is one of the country’s top-selling vodka brands, so the decision to not enter the multibillion-dollar seltzer market (which everyone from Topo Chico to Michelob Ultra has gambled on) is actually fairly radical. However, seltzers do appear to be losing steam somewhat.

On its decision to resist temptation, Taylor Berry, vice president of brand marketing for Tito’s, told CNN, “Ultimately, from a brand standpoint, [we’re] holding true to what we know and the strategy we’ve had from the beginning — making vodka. There’s an element of this brand not being sellouts.”