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An Adorable Cat Cafe Is Cozying Up on South Lamar

Purrfecto Cat Lounge works with two Texas-area cat rescues and local coffee shop Irie Bean

A little gray and white cat peeking out of a hanging cat shelf hammock on the wall.
Purrfecto Cat Lounge features cats and coffee.
Purrfecto Cat Lounge
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

A new cafe touting adorable, adoptable cats and coffee is opening in Austin. Purrfecto Cat Lounge is opening at 2300 South Lamar Boulevard, Unit 104, in the Zilker neighborhood starting on Wednesday, July 20.

Purrfecto’s model allows people to book reservations, and then people can come in to play with the cats and hang out. Those who are interested in adopting specific cats can then fill out applications. The cafe partners with two Texas cat rescues, the Sunshine Fund and the Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue. The cat cafe reports that at least four of the cats from its preview weekend have been adopted out already.

Because Purrfecto can’t prepare drinks on-site due to health codes, the cafe is teaming up with nearby coffee shop Irie Bean. When people arrive for their check-ins, they can place their drink orders and a staffer will run to the cafe to pick up and bring back their items. The menu includes cat pun names like the Choco-Cat (a small hot chocolate), Cat’s Pajama (a caramel vanilla latte), the Cool Cat (a drip coffee), the Purr-fecto latte, and the Tabby (cold brew).

Purrfecto owner Lupita Foster decided to open the cat cafe because, “We need a place where people can actually interact and figure out who they[‘ve] got a crush on,” she says. “This is kind of like dating,” but with cats.

A little black kitten on a wide white bench with purple and white pillows in front of a wall mural of the state of Texas in purple being hugged by a white cat with the words Meow of Never.
A small black cat exploring Purrfecto.
Purrfecto Cat Lounge
A gray and white fluffy kitten on a white surface.
One of the cats at Purrfecto chilling.
Purrfecto Cat Lounge

The open space design is intentional because it allows people to interact with the cats in a less crowded environment. There is plenty of cat furniture along the perimeter, such as cat trees, cat houses, cat condos, cat shelves and perches, and beds, plus cat toys are scattered everywhere. This is a back room for cats and employees-only, too. The bathroom features “meow” wallpaper and a giant cat picture with mirror sunglasses.

There will be cat-centric events, such as cat yoga, painting with cats, and the like. The cafe is also available for private events. Purrfecto is even planning a BYOB happy hour where people can bring their own bottles of wine and purchase cups. There are also t-shirts and caps available.

Reservations are available in 30-minute or 70-minute slots for $15 and $30 respectively. There are also two membership options: $55 per month with five 30-minute visits, and $100 per month with five 70-minute visits — both come with rollovers, plus-one options, and discounts. Time slots are available daily from the late mornings into the evenings.

Cat cafes swelled in popularity in 2014, with Austin’s own original feline cafe Blue Cat Cafe debuting in 2015, though it’s since closed.

A purple wall with a painting of a yellow yarn ball and the phrase “I want to spend all my 9 lives with you” with cat shelves on both sides and the floor with low white chairs.
Murals and cat furniture line the space at Purrfecto.
Purrfecto Cat Lounge
A large room with a line of bench seating and pillows and fluffy blankets on the left, and a wall of purple flowers with pale yellow animal paw pillows in the middle, and a purple wall with cat shelves and round white low seats to the right.
The main Purrfecto Cat Lounge space.
Purrfecto Cat Lounge

Purrfecto Cat Lounge

2300 South Lamar Boulevard, Unit 104, Austin, Texas 78704 Visit Website