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Former Foreign & Domestic Chef Is Opening Vietnamese Comfort Food Truck

Bisous will serve rice bowls, fried catfish, croissant ice cream sandwiches, and more

A woman with glasses and long brown hair standing in front of a brick wall in a white shirt and apron.
Chef Bianca Frasier of Bisous.
Brogan Lozano

A veteran chef from Austin restaurant Foreign & Domestic, Bianca Frasier, is opening her own food truck with Vietnamese comfort food. She is aiming to open Bisous this fall somewhere in the city.

Frasier, whose mother is Vietnamese and whose father is from the South, wanted to create Vietnamese-Southern fusion dishes in her new venture, with a focus on cozy dishes. “I wanted to make a place with food that I cherish and that you can’t find on menus,” she says. “For Vietnamese people, they’re family recipes, they’re things that you have as a comfort meal and not as fancy food.”

That means dishes like fried corn fritters with scallion oil, green bean salad, and rice bowls topped with different proteins like fried catfish with fresh herbs and thit kho (pork belly braised in coconut milk with hardboiled eggs). She also plans to serve desserts like avocado ice cream and ice cream sandwiches made with croissants and orange-chocolate ganache. Check out the full menu below.

Frasier began working on Bisous as an idea at the beginning of the pandemic, and decided to make the leap after four years as a sous chef at lauded neighborhood restaurant Foreign & Domestic. Given recent gas prices, she’s hoping to find a place to park her truck and is still searching for a location.

A food truck menu.
The menu at Bisous.


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