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Austin Bar Nickel City Dresses Up as ‘The Simpsons’ Again This Halloween

As Moe’s Tavern, the bar is serving up Flaming Moes, Krusty Burgers, and pickled deviled eggs

A table with a basket of burgers and fries, and another basket of a hot dog with cheese and sauce, with cocktails and menus.
Food and drinks from Nickel City’s The Simpsons’ Halloween pop-up.
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Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

It’s that time of the year again: neighborhood bar Nickel City is now decked out in its annual Halloween pop-up for the fourth year in a row. The bar is now open as Moe’s Taven at 1133 East 11th Street through Sunday, October 31.

In addition to Nickel’s usual Simpsons-inspired cocktail menu — including the iconic Flaming Moe and Duff beers — the bar expanded with punnily-named classic cocktails, like the S-MO-keY Old Fashioned, Malk Punch with Cocoa Puffs and an optional doughnut from Foreign & Domestic, and Marger’s Margy with an actual glow stick. There’s a section of drinks named after Bart’s early-seasons’s prank phone calls to the bar (i.e. the Seymour Butz with vodka and sparkling water).

The Squishees’s section includes a seasonally appropriate pumpkin spice frozen Irish coffee with candy corn, and the returning frozen version of the Flaming Moe, which is also available to-go.

On-site truck Delray Cafe is once again converting into Krusty’s Burger, dishing out the namesake dish, the Clogger with three smash burger patties, and a Lisa Simpson-approved grilled cheese. Other items include fries, tots, and pickled deviled eggs. Scope out the full menus below.

Instead of the previous Moe’s costume, each Nickel staffer is dressing up as any character from the show. There’s someone as Stupid Sexy Flanders, another as a player of Simpsons’s minor league baseball team the Isotopes, and someone as Jimbo Jones. The next-door liquor shop J&J Spirits is temporarily a Kwik-E-Mart.

“People kept asking for it,” co-owner Travis Tober tells Eater on why Nickel is leaning into Simpsons again, and they couldn’t fully do up the Halloween festivities last year due to the pandemic. “And since we did the last full-blown Moe’s pop-up, there’s probably 70,000 new people that moved here.”

This is the fourth year Nickel has decked out in Simpsons decor, a tradition that started in 2018. Because of the pandemic, last year’s pop-up operated with a limited capacity with a waiting list system, bar car services (to keep people in their seats), and to-go options.

Moe’s Tavern/Nickel City is open from noon to 2 a.m. every day through Halloween.

A person lighting a tall cocktail on fire.
A Nickel City bartender making a Flaming Moe.
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A frosty mug of beer next to a purple-frosted doughnut covered in colorful sprinkles on a napkin all on a dark table.
A mug of Duff beer paired with a doughnut from Foreign & Domestic.
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A cardboard food boat with three halved pink deviled eggs.
Pickled deviled eggs.
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A person in a maroon t-shirt and red hat that says Duff holding up a thick burger with three patties.
The Clogger burger.
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A hot dog covered in yellow mustard and shaved cheddar cheese and sliced pickles.
The Slideshow Bob Dog.
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A woman in thick square frame glasses and a fake moustache wearing a blue and red skin-tight suit holding up blue drink.
A Nickel staffer dressed up as Stupid Sexy Flanders.
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A woman in a white baseball jersey with red trim that reads Isotopes 20 sipping a dark green cocktail in a martini glass.
A staffer dressed up as a player of Simpsons’s minor league baseball team the Isotopes.
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A food truck with a school bus facade from The Simpsons.
Delray Cafe’s food truck is now the Springfield Elementary School bus, tagged by El Barto.
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Nickel City as Moe’s Tavern and J&J Spirits as Kwik-E-Mart.
Nickel City as Moe’s Tavern and J&J Spirits as Kwik-E-Mart.
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A cocktail menu for a bar with a lot of ‘Simpsons’ references.
The Moe’s Tavern menu at Nickel City.
Nickel City

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