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The Bernie Sanders Meme: Austin Restaurants Edition Is Still Going Strong

The Inauguration Day joke has some juice left in the tank

Sen. Bernie Sanders waiting at Capitol Hill ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration
Sen. Bernie Sanders waiting at Capitol Hill ahead of Joe Biden’s inauguration
Brendan Smialowski/AFP via Getty Images
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

It’s just a perfectly meme-able image: Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, sitting an appropriately social-distanced from others while bundled up in his heavy coat and hand-knitted mittens and surgical mask, waiting for President Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony to begin on Wednesday. The photograph by Brendan Smialowski became instantly iconic, and, quickly, the internet took to photoshopping the senator into various scenarios (such as selling concert merch), locations across the country, and works of art, films, and album covers.

Likewise, Austin restaurant and bars had to get in on the fun, with varying levels of photoshopping skills. Here’s the best of the best local memes.

Don’t you know that Sen. Sanders occasionally works the smoker at East Austin barbecue joint La Barbecue?

Sen. Sanders is working the door of Central East Austin bar Nickel City, while wearing a Nickel City hat, of course.

Sen. Sanders is patiently awaiting his tacos from North Campus spot Vaquero Taquero.

Sen. Sanders snagged the coveted back-booth at downtown bar Small Victory (which is only open for curbside orders anyway).

Blink and you’ll miss Sen. Sanders tucked away at cafe Merit Coffee, with laptop and coffee on hand.

Sen. Sanders is prepped to pick up his order at South First restaurant Bouldin Creek.

Sen. Sanders is ready for some Korean fried chicken from North Lamar restaurant Seoulju.

A heavy jacket and mittens probably make working the gelato cart at Gemelli Gelateria easier, right?

Sen. Sanders takes a break while closing up at Red River bar and venue Swan Dive.

Sen. Sanders chills out on a pile of coffee bean bags at Central East Austin cafe Figure 8.

Sen. Sanders will make sure you’re over 21 and wearing a mask before letting you enter the patio of East Austin spot Hotel Vegas.

Sen. Sanders is dressed for patio drinks at East Austin bar Yellow Jacket Social Club.

Photos from that recent Austin snow day plus a bundled-up Sen. Sanders makes for a perfect pairing at Far Out Lounge’s patio.

Sen. Sanders took some time to comfortable pose with those butterfly wings at juice bar chain JuiceLand.

For a twist, Sen. Sanders appears to have grabbed a to-go bag of food from burger drive-thru P. Terry’s.