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Popular Biscuit Shop Bird Bird Biscuit’s Second Location Is Now Open

The new restaurant took over Thunderbird Coffee’s space on West Koenig Lane

A hand holing up a biscuit sandwich with a piece of fried chicken, thick slices of pickles, some lettuce, and a white sauce
A sandwich from Bird Bird Biscuit
Jasmin Porter

Fast-casual shop (and Eater Austin fast-casual restaurant of the year in 2018) Bird Bird Biscuit is expanding with a second location. It took over sibling spot Thunderbird Coffee at 1401 West Koenig Lane in Brentwood. This new second restaurant will open on Monday, October 18.

The menu remains the same as the original Manor Road location. This includes biscuit sandwiches such as the Queen Beak with a spicy breaded chicken, cayenne-black pepper honey, and a bacon-chipotle mayonaise, alongside fries, standalone biscuits, and drinks.

The Thunderbird-into-Bird Bird Biscuit renovation was overseen by architecture and interior design firm Hip.Hop.Design.Studio’s James and Nicole Cornetet. The space resembles the original restaurant — with pops of color — with a dedicated alfresco walk-up counter. There is outdoor seating but no indoor dining areas. Everything is available for online or in-person orders with pickups through the walk-up window.

Co-owners chef Brian Batch and Ryan McElroy opened Bird Bird Biscuit in 2018 in the Cherrywood neighborhood, with a focus on biscuits and biscuit sandwiches, such as spicy breaded chicken, eggs, bacon, chicken sausages, and even a grilled cheese iteration. McElroy opened Thunderbird on Manor Road in 2007.

This means that the West Koening Thunderbird closed officially as of July 26, 2020. There were plans to relocate the coffee shop into a trailer parked at the addresses, however, these plans were axed due to city restrictions. The original coffee shop on 2200 Manor Road remains open.

Bird Bird Biscuit’s Brentwood hours will be from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. on weekdays, and then from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. on the weekends.

A one-story restaurant with white walls and blue-trimmed awning and windows and a sign that reads “bird bird biscuit” with a green patio with a white fence.
Bird Bird Biscuit’s new Brentwood restaurant.
Nick Brill
A white man wearing a black shirt and a black baseball hat that reads “BIRD” in white text standing next to a Black man in a black shirt and a black baseball hat that reads “BISCUIT” in white text.
Bird Bird Biscuit co-owners Ryan McElroy and Brian Batch
Bird Bird Biscuit

Thunderbird Café & Tap Room

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Bird Bird Biscuit

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Bird Bird Biscuit [Brentwood]

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Thunderbird Coffee

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