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Colorful New Murals Pop Up Over Boarded-Up Downtown Bars in Austin

Plus an Austin grocery store is increasing wages, and more news

A mural by Grito, Squid, and David “Daaru” Russell” at Pour Choices
A mural by Grito, Squid, and David “Daaru” Russell” at Pour Choices
Tony Moreno
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Inspirational Murals in Downtown Austin
Because downtown Austin’s Sixth Street is now empty and full of closed-up bars (due to an official order shuttering bars and restaurant dining rooms through Friday, May 1 to mitigate the spread of COVID-19), nonprofit Hope Events decided to enlist several artists to brighten up the neighborhood. Participating artists painted hopeful colorful murals of their choosings on top of blank, boarded-up bars along the normally busy street. Murals can be found at bars such as Pour Choices, Touche, and Bijou. The full list runs below. The organization is also putting together bags for artists and such impacted by COVID-19.

Wheatsville’s Wage Increase
Austin grocery store co-op Wheatsville increased its employees’ wages by $2, which is also being applied retroactively back to Monday, March 16. This is its way of making up lost wages due to reduced hours at both locations, and it is for everyone who isn’t in management. Additionally, the Guadalupe and South Lamar locations have been dedicating 9 to 10 a.m. shopping hours on Tuesday and Thursday to the elderly and those with autoimmune disorders. It also placed limits on essential foods and goods, such as milk, eggs, bread, and canned vegetables.

Local Austin Takeout Initiative
There’s a new push for people to support local restaurants and breweries through the ATX Living Room Picnic, which is taking place on Saturday, April 4. During that day, people are encouraged to order takeout from local restaurants, bring the meals home to eat, and listen to the accompanying music playlist on Spotify created by music mental health nonprofit The SIMS Foundation, and donations to the organization are also encouraged. Participating restaurants will offer special picnic meals and drinks. There’s Austin Rotisserie’s whole chicken and sides, Buenos Aires’ empanadas and wine, Burro Cheese Kitchen’s grilled cheese sandwiches, and others.

Central Texas Food Bank Donation
Chocolate shop Delysia Chocolatier is donating ten percent of its sales to the Central Texas Food Bank. This includes sales from Tuesday, March 31 through Thursday, April 30. Owner Nicole Patel will also match the final donation too.

New Recipe Source
Local alt-weekly Chronicle launched a cooking vertical, gathering and highlighting recipes from local restaurants and collected from its archives.

Spoon Photoshoot
Independent record label Matador Records shared an old photoshoot featuring Austin indie rock band Spoon posing at an El Chilito, shot in 2019.

Touche’s mural by ER, Brittany Johnson, and Unruly; and Bijou Lounge’s mural by Jasmine Gonzales, Carmen Rangel, and Morgane Xenos
Touche’s mural by ER, Brittany Johnson, and Unruly; and Bijou Lounge’s mural by Jasmine Gonzales, Carmen Rangel, and Morgane Xenos
Tony Moreno

Hope for Health Campaign’s Downtown Murals

  • Bijou Lounge at 415 East Sixth Street: Jasmine Gonzales (@jrg3796), Carmen Rangel (@vivalapainter), Morgane Xenos (@morgane_xenos)
  • Burnside’s Tavern at 413 East Sixth Street: Sadé Channell (@coslawson), Kimie Flores (@kimieflores), Stellar Roz (@stella_roz)
  • Pour Choices at 401 East Sixth Street: GRITO (@gritoemuerte), SQUID (@squidnarx), David ‘Daaru’ Russell (@daaru_art)
  • Touche at 417 East Sixth Street: ER (@erthink), Brittany Johnson (@brittpaintsalot), Unruly (@nokia3310teecf)
  • Toulouse at 409 East Sixth Street: Niz (@elennizzle), Nathan ‘Sloke’ Nordstrom (@slokeone), Mez Data (@mezdata)
  • The Lodge at 411 East Sixth Street: Bern (@akbernal), Aaron Darling (@acsogod), Jiminai (@jiminai)
  • Library Bar at 407 East Sixth Street: Matthew Trujillo (@mattru22)

El Chilito

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Delysia Chocolatier

2000 Windy Terrace, , TX 78726 (512) 413-4701 Visit Website

Wheatsville Co-op

3101 Guadalupe St, Austin, TX 78705 (512) 478-2667 Visit Website