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Casino El Camino’s boarded-up windows with messages of “Strength Through Oi!” and “Oi! Oi! Oi! The Future Is Unwritten”

COVID-19 and What It Means for Austin Restaurants

How the Texas service industry is responding to the novel coronavirus pandemic

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In response to the novel coronavirus pandemic, Austin is currently under a declaration of local disaster and a “stay home work safe” order, which shutters nonessential businesses. While restaurants have been forced to close their dining rooms since Tuesday, March 17, as an essential business, they’re able to stay open for takeout and delivery service through Friday, May 1.

With near-constant breaking news regarding the virus’s spread throughout the world — and the cycle is evolving minute-by-minute — this page serves as a landing for all things related to COVID-19 and the Austin service industry. Find news, takeout guides, fundraising efforts, and workers’ pleas to the government for assistance, as well as looks at how the country is reacting to the pandemic.

This page will be updated as the pandemic continues. For related tips, please email