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Nickel City Will Deliver Booze for the Last Time Today

Co-owner Travis Tober will personally make the deliveries in a Yeti cooler, with all sales and tips going to the bar staff

Drinks and chili dogs at Nickel City
Drinks and chili dogs at Nickel City
Nickel City/Facebook
Erin Russell is associate editor of Eater Austin, a native Austinite, and a big fan of carbs.

Nickel City, the beloved Central East Austin bar, is ending its temporary delivery service today as the bar shuts down. Nickel City is currently closed due to concerns over the novel coronavirus pandemic and the city’s new mandate shuttering bars for now, but announced a delivery service of the essentials (like booze and chips) on Wednesday. The bar’s last daily rotating menu within a four mile radius will be delivered until sold out today, with all sales and tips going to staff.

The bar has been delivering a “high brow” or “low brow” six pack of beer (Live Oak Pilz or Bell’s Two Hearted and Lone Star, respectively, though this may vary based on availability) plus a small bottle of Jim Beam, Topo Chicos, Underbergs (a German digestif).

For the last delivery today, bartenders will deliver Tommy’s Margarita, and a Jim Beam Highball, a DIY Paloma. As far as food, there will be a Delray Cheeseburger Slider pack with three sliders and two bags of Fritos, pizza logs with ranch, and a fried fish sandwich.

The bar will deliver merchandise and gift cards as well. Recipients of booze must order food and show an ID on delivery.

Orders are being taken over the phone (512-987-4294) by Nickel City’s bar manager Amanda Carto (who recently shared tips on shutting down a bar) and will be delivered by co-owner Travis Tober and his Yeti cooler.

Nickel City

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