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Need a Last Minute Gift? Give Cool Merch That Supports Austin Restaurants

A massive list of goods from hats to socks to stickers

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Merch from Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ
Merch from Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ
Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ/Facebook

Many have been wondering how to safely support Austin restaurants, food trucks, bars, breweries, and the such during the novel coronavirus pandemic. While there are many organizations that are pitching in to help the community as a whole, an easy to way to help individual restaurants is to buy their stuff.

Eater has collected some of the most-wanted merchandise from robust online stores of local businesses around town. From pearl-snap shirts at Austin Beerworks to metal bat sculptures at Guero’s; floating koozies at Joann’s Fine Foods to watermelon fanny packs at Austin Eastciders; T-shirts to koozies to stickers galore, Austin restaurants have an eclectic mix of goods for all personal tastes. Don’t forget: gift cards are a great option.

Everything below is listed alphabetically. Are we missing essential merch? Let us know through Doesn’t hurt to scope out holiday gift guides (2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020), shipping guide, cookbooks, face masks, and wine ideas.



  • Forthcoming Dripping Springs bakery Abby Jane Bakeshop is selling really cute croissant pins, alongside patches, stickers, totes, and shirts.
  • South Austin brewpub ABGB’s webstore includes soap made with beer, apparel (including hoodies), blankets, mugs, and more.
  • In addition to the iconic tie-dye tees, Amy’s Ice Creams has toys, mugs, and candles through its online store.
A person wearing an Abby Jane Bakeshop and holding an Abby Jane Bakeshop tote bag
A person wearing an Abby Jane Bakeshop and holding an Abby Jane Bakeshop tote bag
Abby Jane Bakeshop/Facebook


Coasters from Blue Owl Brewing
Coasters from Blue Owl Brewing
Blue Owl Brewing/Facebook


A shirt from Daijoubu
A shirt from Daijoubu



  • Stay fierce with the many tiger designs from Easy Tiger (tees, socks, totes, and a bandana), plus a plush tiger, growler, mugs, totes, an apron, a notebook, coasters, and many caps from its online store.
  • Tex-Mex restaurant El Arroyo has four whole books of its hilarious signs, along with greeting cards and prints.
  • Tex-Mex restaurant Eldorado Cafe’s merch game is strong, featuring all shorts of apparel (including cycling shirts, beanies, and hoodies), mugs, a fanny pack, and a dog toy.
  • The merch selection at Austin coffee shop Epoch comprises a pretty anniversary T-shirt, a Thermos, mask, mug, and socks.


  • Dripping Springs brewery Family Business Brewery is going the optimistic route with its apparel, featuring shirts declaring “glass half full” to “together with beer,” alongside hoodies, caps, scarves, koozies, stickers, glassware, and a poster.
  • South Austin bar and venue Far Out is selling apparel.
  • East Austin coffee shop Figure 8’s merch selection includes mugs, a pin, and bumper sticker.
The shirt from Garbo’s
The shirt from Garbo’s
  • Well-known smoked meats spot Franklin Barbecue’s webstore is massive and thorough, offering everything from meat-carving knives, the iconic blue trays, its own butcher paper, meat thermometers, patches, bandanas, koozies, plus apparel.
  • East Riverside bar Frazier’s merch features its lovely, long hound, from T-shirts to caps to tank tops.
  • Neighborhood restaurant Foreign & Domestic offers black T-shirts with its flying pig logo through its webstore.



  • Fans of beer and hedgehogs should grab some merch from Cedar Park brewery Hedgehog Brewing, including glasses and T-shirts.
  • Far southwest brewery Hi Sign Brewing’s merch shop includes hats and Yeti ramblers.
  • Newer retro East Austin bar High Noon’s apparel collection includes shirts and hats, along with koozies, patches, and stickers.
  • Pizzeria Home Slice has shirts, hats, glassware, socks, and a very cute beanie available online.
  • Gastropub Hopfields is selling apparel (T-shirts, tanks, hoodies) and glassware.
  • There are two ways to buy stuff from East Austin bar Hotel Vegas: first, Fine Southern Gentlemen offers a bunch of T-shirts (including one for sibling spot Volstead), caps, totes, face mask, and bumper sticker. Then, the bar is also selling a selection of that directly from its online shop.
  • Austin coffee shop Houndstooth’s webstore features a bunch of coffee-related items, from mugs to fasks to brewing equipment, along with caps, stickers, koozies, and pins.
A puppy wearing an Il Brutto bandana
A puppy wearing an Il Brutto bandana
Il Brutto [Official]



  • Hill Country brewery Jester King has loads of shirts, hoodies, glassware, and even some prints for sale.
  • East Austin Mexican restaurant Joe’s Bakery is selling calendars for next year, plus check out its stock of T-shirts if available.
  • North Loop restaurant JewBoy Burgers got a bunch of shirts (including a lucha-pegged one) and caps on offer.


  • East Austin shop and restaurant Kinda Tropical has a whole bunch of merch available through its web store, from shirts to koozies to matchbooks to dominoes.
  • East Austin patio bar Kitty Cohen’s has a bunch of fun, retro-y crop tops, tanks, T-shirts, and bandanas available for sale, plus a towel.
  • Haitian truck Kreyol Korner honors its roots with its T-shirt.


The dominoes set from Kinda Tropical
The dominoes set from Kinda Tropical
Kinda Tropical/Facebook


  • Get the McGuire Moorman aesthetic with items from the company’s many restaurants (Joann’s, June’s, Clark’s, Pool Burger, Lambert’s, Elizabeth Street, Josephine House, Jeffrey’s, Perla’s, and Neighborhood Sushi) via its online store, which has everything from leather coasters to matches to frisbees to floatie koozies to dog collars to towels.
  • South Congress’s Meteor, a combination pizzeria/bike shop/wine bar, has everything from a Klean Kanteen to a cycling cap, along with mugs, koozies, and bandanas.
  • Cherrywood Tex-Mex restaurant Mi Madre’s has a bunch of shirts (including kids sizes) and tote bags available.
The jacket from Nixta
The jacket from Nixta
Nixta Taqueria/Facebook
  • Vegan milkshake truck Milky Way Shakes is selling a really cute and simple sticker.
  • Even though venerable Red River venue and bar Mohawk is still temporarily closed, its web store is up and running, selling shirts and tanks (the Defend Red River shirt is particularly apt), scarves, hats, koozies, keychains, a cute little bear enamel, ear plugs for when live concerts are a thing again, and several concert posters.




The disc golf putter from Pinthouse Pizza
The disc golf putter from Pinthouse Pizza
Pinthouse Pizza [Official[
  • Austin brewpub pizzeria Pinthouse Pizza’s got all sorts of T-shirts, hoodies, onesies, and a holiday sweater on deck, plus hats, glassware, koozies, disc golf putter, bandana, and even wake surfboards.


  • None


  • South Austin’s Radio Coffee is selling all sorts of T-shirts, tank tops, hats, socks, bags, and mugs.
  • Cedar Park brewery and cafe Red Horn has a bunch of apparel for sale, from crewneck shirts to hoodies to dry-fit shirts to caps to beanies


Slab BBQ’s Spurs-inspired T-shirt
Slab BBQ’s Spurs-inspired T-shirt
Slab BBQ [Official]
  • Upscale Thai restaurant Sway is selling a bunch of jarred condiments and spices, along with merch (carafes, shirts, hats).
  • Vegan ice cream shop Sweet Ritual is selling really cute T-shirts, crop-tops, a tote bag, and patch through its web store.


A shirt from Tso Chinese Delivery
A shirt from Tso Chinese Delivery
Tso Chinese Delivery [Official]



A hoodie from Via 313
A hoodie from Via 313
Via 313/Facebook



  • None



  • East Austin brewery Zilker Beer has beanies, hats, hoodies, shirts, pinks, socks, candles, koozies, stickers, patches, and dog collars/leashes
  • North Loop vegan bakery Zucchini Kill is selling a bunch of shirts, from cupcakes to the name of the bakery, plus a tote, patches, and face mask.