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Nixta Taqueria’s Glowing Review Streak Continues with Smitten Infatuation Critic

Vixen’s Wedding has high and low points in the Statesman review

A pink paleta with shavings of something green on a blue plate
A paleta from Nixta Taqueria
Nixta Taqueria/Facebook
Erin Russell is associate editor of Eater Austin, a native Austinite, and a big fan of carbs.

In his first review for The Infatuation, Raphael Brion (a former editor at Eater) compares the east side’s Nixta Taqueria to a “blockbuster restaurant.” Though he says it’s “not a perfect restaurant by any means,” his minor complaints have more to do with the restaurant’s operations than the food.

Brion called the restaurant “scrappy,” noting small annoyances like a plastic fork shattering and wines not served at the correct temperature. However, he praises the wine list and observes the “place has a real energy to it.”

In terms of food, Brion had nothing but good things to say. He enjoyed the “pretty generous portion” on the tuna tostada, recommended the beet tostada even to beet haters (a recurring theme), and liked both flavors of paleta (but preferred the coconut). He said the duck carnitas was a must-order:

It’s a riff on a carnitas taco - traditionally made with pork - but here it’s shredded duck confit. Duck confit can be a little fatty, but the taco is brightened by a salsa cruda, radish, white onions, and cilantro. All on a ridiculously good blue corn tortilla. You should order this.

Brion rated Nixta an 8.6 out of 10.

Statesman critic Matthew Odam reviewed Vixen’s Wedding this week, finding mostly great dishes with a few low points.

On the positive side, Odam called the bread program “fantastic,” recommending the “crusty and spongy” sourdough but not the spiced apple coconut butter that “tastes like something from the Yankee Candle company.” He had had high praise for the small number of vegetarian dishes, including a beet dosa, as well as the piri piri chicken:

At $42, the excellent piri piri chicken may be the priciest whole bird I’ve seen in town, but, given the fact that it could feed four, the perfectly executed, pepper-speckled bird and its lithe coconut and turmeric salad are worth every dollar.

Odam did not enjoy the “astringent sour curry” with “mealy halibut.” He prefers the new iteration of the vindaloo pork ribs, which at first had a “tough spackle” of coriander and spices. He also didn’t like a “surprisingly gamey” Wagyu zabuton (cut of steak).

However, things picked back up again with desserts, where he loved the “sumptuous” chocolate cake with drizzles of hibiscus jam and a lemon tart.

Overall, he rated the restaurant an 8 out of 10.

Nixta Taqueria

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Vixen's Wedding

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