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A Dallas Soufflé Restaurant Will Float Into Austin Later This Year

It’s going to be a très French affair


Brace for an influx of light and fluffy egg-based dishes: Dallas-based soufflé restaurant Rise will open in Austin later this year, reports the Dallas Business Journal.

It’s set to take up residence in mixed use development the Grove, near MoPac and 45th, likely on Perseverance Drive, although its exact location is still to be confirmed.

Rise is quite a Continental affair — its menu centers around soufflés, with a range of savory and sweet options, most of which are fairly classically French, such as ham-gruyere, escargot, or Grand Marnier. Savory options are made with a mornay base, while the dessert versions use more of a pastry base.

Given that soufflés are a notoriously finicky dish to make (mostly due to the risk of them sinking during the baking process), Rise also uses custom-made ovens imported from Europe to ensure that the dishes, well, rise.

While those egg dishes make up much of the menu a few non-soufflé dishes such as French onion soup, steak-frites, and traditional baguette sandwiches round out the offerings.

Rise has proved popular over its 12 years in business in Dallas. Since opening in 2008, it has expanded twice: To Houston in 2016, then Fort Worth in 2017. The Austin one is still a way off from opening — expect it later in 2020.

Rise No. 1

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