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Reputed Barbecue Photographer Is Opening a Barbecue and Coffee Trailer

Ted Rutherford’s Wanderlust Craft BBQ & Coffee will start doing pop-ups in 2020

Sliced pork belly
Wanderlust Craft BBQ & Coffee will serve pork belly
Erin Russell is associate editor of Eater Austin, a native Austinite, and a big fan of carbs.

A new barbecue and coffee trailer, Wanderlust Craft BBQ & Coffee, is coming to Austin next year, courtesy of Ted Rutherford, the man behind the Instagram account @nosides_nosauce. Rutherford plans to hold pop-ups starting in mid-2020, with possible guest pop-ups before then.

Rutherford, a backyard barbecuer who has spent some times at Central Texas pits, decided to focus on barbecue and coffee because he is passionate about both, and the two pair well together. “There is something about the boost you get from coffee that helps ward off the nap you need after barbecue,” he told Eater.

Wanderlust’s menu will diverge from traditional barbecuing, as Rutherford explained to Eater. Expect pork belly cooked in a variety of ways, as well as chicken and sausage. Beef, a usual barbecue staple, will be offered occasionally as a special. Sides will stay “light and fresh,” and there will be dessert that pairs well with coffee.

A fabricator is currently building Wanderlust’s smoker, and a trailer with a vintage vibe will follow. (Rutherford has a background in design, which certainly shows on the Wanderlust Instagram). Rutherford plans to have a monthly pop-up at different locations, depending on demand.