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Oakland Pitmaster Comes to Lockhart for a Texas Barbecue Party

Veracruz All Natural honors Beck with a taco, plus more news

A barbecue tray from Horn BBQ, with sides in containers, sausages, brisket slices, and ribs
A barbecue tray from Horn BBQ
Horn BBQ/Facebook
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Bay Area Pitmaster’s Barbecue Dinner
Bay Area pitmaster Matt Horn will cook up an outdoor smoked meats party in Lockhart on Saturday, August 17. It will be held at the forthcoming restaurant 1898, helmed by chef Mike Torres, who also runs catering company Gold Epicure. Horn is known for his Texas-style barbecue pop-ups in northern California. Tickets for the party are $50.

Tacos for Beck
Austin truck Veracruz All Natural is offering a special taco in honor of singer-songwriter Beck’s concert on Friday; the Guero Taco. It’s a barbacoa taco served with cilantro, onions, cabbage, radish, plus a wedge of lime. The shop also has five signed LPs by Beck himself, one for each of its locations and a bonus one through social media, which will be raffled off.

Texas Grain Mill Love
Texas Monthly geeks out over flours and local heirloom grains with Barton Springs Mill’s James Brown, who has become a sort of figurehead and advocate for the community in Texas. He looks for special seeds, gets Texas farmers to grows them, and then processes everything in his mill in the Hill Country. He also talked about the forthcoming new facility, which is much larger than the current one, complete with a classroom plus the future bakery from Austin baker Abby Love.

New Austin Vodka
There’s a new vodka in Austin: Fix Vodka, from owners Ethan and Maryn Miklas. The spirit is made with high-alkaline water, which means it’s high in potential hydrogen (aka pH) and meant to neutralize a person’s acidity.

Veracruz All Natural

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