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A Boozy Pie Bakery Is Opening in Downtown Austin

The aptly named Baked and Boozy bakery will be found within Royal Blue Grocery

A boozy fruit pie from Baked and Boozy
A boozy fruit pie from Baked and Boozy
Baked and Boozy/Facebook
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

The aptly named Baked and Boozy, a bakery focused on liquor-infused pies, is opening in downtown Austin within Royal Blue Grocery at 609 Congress Avenue. While owner Lacey Pearce doesn’t have an exact start date, it should happen within several weeks.

The pies, which will be available by the slice, feature spirits and flavor combinations like bourbon with banana cream or pecan; stone fruit and berries with a mixture of orange and amaretto liqueurs and limoncello; as well as regular pies topped with boozy whipped creams. Scope out the forthcoming menu below.

Baked and Boozy’s pie slices will also be available at North Loop cafe Flightpath Coffee on 5011 Duval Street, though the exact date isn’t known yet.

Pearce started her business in her own home in 2017 after posting on neighborhood community site Nextdoor, where she asked if anyone was interested in buying bourbon pecan pies for Thanksgiving. Unsurprisingly, many did. The next year, she expanded with a new flavor, the Mexican hot chocolate with tequila whipped cream, and soon her business grew.

In 2018, Pearce filmed a television segment for Studio 512 and was featured in the Hyde Park neighborhood association newspaper Pecan Press, which caught the attention of Royal Blue Grocery. The owners tasted the pies, and then offered Pearce the use of the grocery store’s commissary kitchen and shop.

Baked and Boozy’s Menu

  • Bourbon pecan, $30
  • Mexican hot chocolate with tequila whipped cream, $30
  • Coconut cream with Skyy pineapple-vodka whipped cream, $30
  • Banana bourbon $30
  • Blueberry-basil goat cheese with limoncello whipped cream, $30
  • Chocolate-Guinness beer with Bailey’s whipped cream, Jameson caramel drizzle, and pretzel crust, $35
  • Margarita key lime with Cointreau whipped cream and coconut crust, $35
  • Peach, raspberry, strawberry with Cointreau, limoncello, and Disaronno, $30

Baked and Boozy

609 Congress Avenue, Austin, Texas 78701