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Houston’s Most Beautiful Restaurant of the Year Is Coming to Austin

Vibrant will bring equally stunning dishes to the city

A bowl from Vibrant
A bowl from Vibrant
Kirsten Gilliam/EHOUS

Eater Houston’s most gorgeous restaurant of 2018, healthy restaurant Vibrant, is expanding into Austin. Owner Kelly Barnhart is “in the very early stages” of planning the Austin expansion, as reported by Eater Houston.

While there is no set location or timeline as of now, Barnhart is already thinking about the design of the Austin Vibrant. “I intend to expand Vibrant as far as I can in as many of the cultural cities that I love as possible,” she told Eater Houston.

Vibrant, which opened in Houston’s Montrose neighborhood in August 2018, is known for beautiful space and equally as stunning healthy dishes that cater to people with dietary restrictions (think gluten-free, peanut-free, dairy-free, corn-free, etc.). The superfood- and veggie-packed items include buckwheat pancakes topped with coconut-banana whipped cream and raw granola crumble, bone broth soup with coconut cream and turmeric, sesame-milk rose lattes, and coffees made with coconut milk or pumpkin seed-cashew milk.


1931 Fairview Street, , TX 77006 (832) 409-6423 Visit Website

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