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New Thai and Laotian Food Truck Brings Pork Skewers and Crispy Rice to Austin

Talād Thai and Lao Street Food is previewing its food at an Asian festival in May

Dishes from Talād Thai and Lao Street Food
Dishes from Talād Thai and Lao Street Food
Talād Thai and Lao Street Food [Official]
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Austin is getting a new Southeast Asian street food truck with Talād Thai and Lao Street Food. The Thai and Laotian truck will open sometime in the summer.

Talād first previewed its food at the Asian Eats Night Market in late March. Its next pop-up is scheduled as part of the CelebratAsia Austin event on Saturday, May 11.

“We have the same goal of wanting our customers to learn about the Thai and Laos culture through our food,” they wrote in an email to Eater. The name talād is Thai for “market.”

The seasonal menu will feature familiar and not-familiar dishes, like this spring and summer, expect spicy papaya salad, moo ping (pork skewers), the vegetarian soop pak (a mix of vegetables, herbs, and sesame seeds), tod nam khao (crispy rice salad), nam prik ong (sticky rice with pork and vegetables), among other dishes. The fall and winter menu will be full of curries, soups, noodles.

When the proper Talād food truck opens, it won’t have a fixed location yet. It plans on circling campus and office buildings during lunch, and then focus on food truck parks, breweries, and bar areas during dinner.

Involved in Talād are Mary Hermadi (who is Laotian), Bee, and Arme (who are Thai). They’ve known each other for years. Bee worked as a sous chef in various New York Thai restaurants.