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Two of Austin’s Best Bagel-Makers Are Partnering Up

Biderman’s Deli is now serving up Rosen’s Bagels

One of the bagel offerings from Biderman’s Deli and Rosen’s Bagel Co.
One of the bagel offerings from Biderman’s Deli and Rosen’s Bagel Co.
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Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Austin’s Jewish-inspired shop Biderman’s Deli is getting rid of its own bagel production as of now, opting instead to serve bagels from pop-up shop Rosen’s Bagel Co. This applies to both locations of the Eater 38 deli: the original Northwest Hills restaurant on 3742 Far West Boulevard and the newer downtown one on 800 Brazos Street. The switch is official as of the end of this month.

“We love Rosen’s and felt a partnership would increase capacity and improve our overall core deli offerings, as well as our bagel offerings,” said Biderman owner Zach Biderman to Eater. “Collaboration was a way to share love of bagels, and increase capabilities while sourcing the highest quality of goods available.”

Rosen’s bagels will include the usuals (plain, everything, poppy, etc.) as well as other fun ones (jalapeno-cheddar, parmesan, egg everything, etc.). Biderman’s will still use its own schmears, lox, and other fillings and ingredients for the bagels.

Biderman’s opened in Northwest Hills in 2017, followed by the downtown location in October 2019. Rosen’s owner Tom Rosen launched as a bagel pop-up in 2017, with the goal of opening its own brick-and-mortar shop eventually. In the meantime, its bagels are found in various restaurants across Austin, as well as its dedicated menu at Wright Bros. Brew & Brew on East 5th Street.

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