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PBR Donates $9,999.99 to Charity After Being Called Out by Austin Beerworks

Pabst Blue Ribbon might’ve copied Austin Beerworks’s giant 99-beer carton, but the two beer companies have buried the hatchet

Austin Beerworks’s giant 99-can box of beer
Austin Beerworks’s giant 99-can box of beer
Austin Beerworks/Facebook
Erin Russell is associate editor of Eater Austin, a native Austinite, and a big fan of carbs.

Cheap beer company Pabst Blue Ribbon donated $9,999.99 to Central Texas Food Bank this week, as a make-good to local brewery Austin Beerworks over who really created the 99-pack beer package first.

Austin Beerworks first rolled out a giant 99-pack of Peacemaker in 2014, for a mere $99. Two years ago, Pabst Canada rolled out a 99-pack of beer, and Austin Beerworks got a little huffy on social media at the time. However, when Pabst announced a 99-pack for the U.S. in May, Austin Beerworks took it more personally.

“PBR’s USA team quickly reached out and we were able to come to an agreement,” according to a statement shared by Austin Beerworks. Apparently that agreement involved the large donation to food bank for the holiday season.

Regarding Pabst’s donating, Austin Beerworks wrote via a statement: “We’re proud that a wild idea we had 5 years ago has proven too dumb to die and is still finding ways to give back.”

The 99-packs of PBR include the original, easy, and extra varieties of the beer, and are available in limited quantities in 15 states, including Texas, with a retail price around $90. The 99-packs from Austin Beerworks are not currently available.

A very large box of 99 cans of Pabst beer
Pabst’s 99-can box of beer
Pabst [Official]

Austin Beerworks

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