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Cult Favorite Japanese-French Bakery Brings Crepe Cakes to Austin

Lady M Confections is popping up with a weekend bake sale

The green tea mille crepe cake at Lady M.
The green tea mille crepe cake at Lady M
Lady M Confections [Official]
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Popular Japanese-French bakery chain Lady M Confections is popping up for the first time in Austin this month, bringing along its famed crepe cakes. The weekend bake sale is taking place at Personal Wine at 306 East 3rd Street in downtown Austin on Saturday and Sunday, January 26 and 27, from noon to 5 p.m.

Lady M’s beloved cakes are made up of 20 very thin crepes stacked with pastry cream. The Austin bake sale will consist of just two flavor cakes: signature and green tea mille.

During the Austin bake sale, only whole cakes will be available, which means no slices. Preorders for the cakes are open now, and already, the large signature crepe cakes are sold out for Saturday pick-ups. Prices range from $55 to $90.

Lady M, founded by Ken Romaniszyn in 2004 in New York currently operates 36 locations across the world. The boutique bakery has often popped up in Houston.

Personal Wine

306 East 3rd Street, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 476-9463