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Texas Monthly Approves of LeRoy & Lewis’s Take on Korean Barbecue

The banchan, like fermented watermelon radish, made a “natural complement” to the smoked meats

Bulgogi brisket bibimbap from LeRoy and Lewis
Bulgogi brisket bibimbap from LeRoy and Lewis
LeRoy and Lewis [Official]
Erin Russell is associate editor of Eater Austin, a native Austinite, and a big fan of carbs.

Texas Monthly barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn stopped by the downtown SFC Farmer’s Market to try the Korean barbecue offerings from LeRoy and Lewis. The food truck started serving this Saturday-only twist on barbecue last month.

The barbecue is a collaboration between LeRoy and Lewis and Casper Fermentables, which is run by Ben Hollander. While kimchi has been on the LeRoy’s menu since opening (Vaughn quoted pitmaster Evan LeRoy as saying: “Instead of pickles and onions, it’s kinda like both of them together.”), this new take includes more dishes.

Vaughn sampled the bibimbap with “a thick slice of smoked Ranger Cattle brisket” with rice and assorted banchan (side dishes) like dandelion greens, fermented watermelon rind, Korean cucumber salad, and fermented watermelon radish, all accented by sesame seeds for crunch. He approved of the combination:

I worked my way around the tray and enjoyed each of Hollander’s creations with a bite of brisket. They all seemed like a natural complement. It’ll be hard to go back to just dill pickle chips and onions, and I learned how much I liked taking bite after bite of a brisket slice while holding it with chopsticks.

Vaughn also sampled kimbap roll with scrambled egg, pulled pork, and garnishes of ssam sauce and pig skin cracklins that Vaughn welcomed. He advised stopping by, as “it’s not your average pile of pickles and smoked meat.”

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LeRoy & Lewis

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