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Peached Tortilla Is Opening a New Cocktail Bar in Clarksville

Bar Peached will focus on frozen and draft drinks, build-your-own tacos, and bingsu

A cocktail and dish from Peached Tortilla
A cocktail and dish from Peached Tortilla
Peached Tortilla/Yelp
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Southern-Asian restaurant Peached Tortilla is opening a new bar in Clarksville, Bar Peached, which will take over what had been Italian restaurant Winflo on 1315 West 6th Street. The bar is set to open sometime in the winter, potentially in December or January.

“We’re trying to be a restaurant with a big bar program and a little more drinking focus than [the] Burnet [Road restaurant],” owner Eric Silverstein told Eater. The bar is meant to be more casual than its parent restaurant, but still operate with table-service.

Bar Peached’s beverage menu will focus on quick-and-easy draft and frozen drinks, as well as new house cocktails too. There will be an emphasis on clear spirits like tequilas, vodkas, etc., as opposed to Peached Tortilla’s heavy whiskey focus. Plus there will be beer and wine. Peached’s beverage director Kevin Kok will manage the cocktail menu.

As for food, Bar Peached will stick to what it does best: Asian-Southern comfort food, based on what actually sold well at Peached Tortilla — “this concept is built around listening to our customers,” Silverstein admitted.

Rendering of Bar Peached’s bar
Rendering of Bar Peached’s bar
Rendering: Bar Peached [Official]
Rendering of Bar Peached’s dining space
Rendering of Bar Peached’s dining space
Rendering: Bar Peached [Official]

That means more tacos, including large format build-your-own tacos with proteins like potentially lemongrass pork, Korean-style steak, mushroom oyster carnitas, and fried chicken, served alongside tortillas, salsas, and toppings.

Elsewhere, the menu will feature more vegetable dishes and small plates like chili crab toast. Weekend brunch will also be available. Overseeing the food will be new executive chef Stephani O’Connor, who had been Peached’s culinary director before this.

For dessert, Silverstein purchased a bingsu machine which will produce the Korean dessert consisting of fluffy shaved ice with milk bases, along with house-made toppings.

Bar Peached will open up the Winflo space, with the help of architect Kevin Stewart and designer Matthew Parker. There will be blue cacti wallpaper, new furniture, updated light fixtures, artwork, Peached’s requisite Ladybird Johnson portrait over the fireplace, plus more. The centerpiece of the space will be the expanded bar with a new black sandstone bar top.

The outdoor patio is undergoing a complete renovation as well. The deck is gone, and it will include bench-style tables and chairs, two communal picnic tables, and lounge furniture.

Eventually, the downstairs space, formerly known as Winflo’s intimate concert space the Listening Room, will be turned into a private dining room at a later date.

Originally, when Winflo closed earlier this March, its closing statement noted that someone from New Orleans was going to take over the restaurant, but clearly that didn’t happen.

Peached currently runs the brick-and-mortar on Burnet Road, which opened in late 2014, the food truck for catering gigs and events, the branch within the Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, along with the event space Peached Social House. Silverstein is also working on a cookbook, The Peached Tortilla: Modern Asian Comfort Food From Tokyo to Texas, publishing in May 2019.

This article has been updated to clarify the type of carnitas that will be served, as well as the new title of the cookbook.

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