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Austin Taco Drive-Thru Mini-Chain Is Expanding Onto East Riverside

This will be El Tacorrido’s fifth restaurant

Tacos from El Tacorrido
Tacos from El Tacorrido
Olivia M./Yelp

El Tacorrido, the Austin taco drive-thru mini-chain, is already growing with its fifth location in the city. This one will be found on 1701 East Riverside Drive, as indicated by TABC permitting and confirmed by a staffer. It’s set to open sometime later this year.

El Taccorrido’s fast-casual menu includes tacos, tortas, gorditas and quesadillas for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and even for late night meals (hours vary depending on the location). Expect a similar menu with items like like al pastor, barbacoa, as well as offal ones like the revuelta, which consists of pork skin, stomach, and shoulder. The drive-thru is also notable for its iced horchata with an espresso shot and the weekend-only menudo.

Owner Jose De Loera recently opened Tacorrido’s Burnet Road restaurant back in May. Then there are the locations on South First, Berkman Drive, and North Lamar. He also owns East Austin Mexican restaurant and bar Takoba, which is back to being temporarily closed for renovations after briefly reopening during the World Cup.

El Tacorrido [East Riverside]

1701 East Riverside Drive, Austin, Texas 78741

El Tacorrido

2316 South 1st Street, , TX 78704 (512) 912-1939 Visit Website

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