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Fancy Gold Foil-Topped Soft-Serve Is Coming to Austin

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Trendy ice cream shop Nobibi is planning a country-wide expansion

Nobibi’s gold foil-topped soft serve in a black waffle cone
Nobibi’s gold foil-topped soft serve in a black waffle cone

Chinese ice cream shop Nobibi is planning on opening an Austin location sometime next year. It’ll serve up trendy-looking soft-serve ice cream, colorful drinks, and sweets. That means 24-carat gold foil-topped soft-serve (yes, it’s edible), cotton candy-wrapped ice cream, black waffle cones, and tons of sprinkles.

Based on the website and the Los Angeles location, Nobibi is set up to be a very stylish Japanese-inspired ice cream shop, complete with swing seating, hanging bubble chairs, plush sofas, a ball pit, oversized stuffed animals, pink neon signage, mirrors that look like life-size Instagram posts, millennium pink everywhere, cacti, and other pretty decorations.

The Los Angeles shop isn’t open just yet (it should debut in the fall). Nobibi is planning on expanding with locations in Houston, Dallas, Oregon, and Washington state, though there are no projected opening dates.

There is no set address for Nobibi’s Austin location either. Its priority is opening the Los Angeles shop (debuting in the fall), and then Houston, and Portland.

This article has been updated with the origins of Nobibi, and the statuses of the Austin and Los Angeles shops.

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