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Food Network Bakers Recreate Via 313’s Pizza in Cake Form

Sideserf Cake Studio has turned the beloved slice into sweet treat

The Via 313 pizza cake from Sideserf Cake Studio
The Via 313 pizza cake from Sideserf Cake Studio
Sideserf Cake Studio/Facebook
Erin Russell is associate editor of Eater Austin, a native Austinite, and a big fan of carbs.

The Austin-based cake experts at Sideserf Cake Studio, which is the focus of Food Network show Texas Cake House, made a video replicating Via 313 pepperoni pizza as cake. The studio posted a YouTube video detailing the process.

Husband and wife duo Natalie and Dave Sideserf are the creative force behind the video. Natalie gained notoriety after crafting a lifelike Willie Nelson cake, which led to the creation of the cake studio in 2013 and eventually the Food Network program in 2016.

On the decision to recreate Via 313’s pizza, Natalie shared, “We are originally from Cleveland, so we have a special place in our hearts and arteries for chewy, Midwest pizza. Via 313 is our favorite pizza in Austin and we knew its unique look would be a fun cake to sculpt. The only drawback, of course, is that the slice we replicated sat out for a few days, so we weren’t able to eat it.” The cake is made from a leftover orange cake with orange-flavored icing.

The couple said the hardest part to capture was the sauce. “By adding some cake crumbs and white food coloring to strawberry jam, we were able to get the perfect texture and opacity to emulate the sauce on the outside of the slice,” Natalie said. They also claim creating the pizza cake, which took around 2 hours to sculpt, was a normal level of difficulty, while the most difficult was the lifelike bust of Mike Ehrmantraut (of “Breaking Bad” and “Better Call Saul”).

While Sideserf has not made progress on the bakery/bar teased last summer, the couple states this is still a goal. For now the cakes are available online.