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Antonelli’s at Fareground Sold Over 4,000 Pounds of Cheese Since January

Plus more of the downtown food hall’s vendors, by the numbers

Cheese array from Antonelli’s
Cheese array from Antonelli’s
Antonelli's [Official]
Erin Russell is associate editor of Eater Austin, a native Austinite, and a big fan of carbs.

Downtown food hall Fareground has proven quite popular since its opening in January. With big name restaurants like Contigo, Ni-Kome (combination of Daruma Ramen and Kome), Dai Due, Antonelli’s, Easy Tiger, and Henbit (a spinoff of Emmer & Rye), it’s no surprise that Austinites and visitors alike are flocking to the space, particularly now that the weather is cooperating and the ample (but somewhat hidden) lawn can be used.

To show just how busy Austin’s first food hall has been since its debut, the restaurants shared some numbers from opening on January 18 until sometime in mid-April, spanning approximately three months. The statistics are impressive, from the 4,200 ginormous cookies Henbit baked to the 53 whole wild boars Dai Due used. (The stall learned learned the hard way of Austin’s demand for tacos after running out in the first week and having to shut down).

Here is Eater’s by-the-numbers guide to Fareground:

Henbit’s monster cookie
Henbit’s monster cookie


  • Grilled cheese sandwiches: 3,327
  • Cheese and macs: 2,263
  • Cheese boards: 3,303
  • Pounds of cheese: over 4,000
  • Pieces of cheese: 3,693

Dai Due:

  • Tortillas made: 31,213
  • Wild boars used: 53


  • Monster cookies: 4,200
  • Kolaches: 1,795
  • Burritos: 3,920
  • Tortillas used: 5,017

Easy Tiger:

  • Small pretzels: 2,247
  • Pains au chocolat: 2,110


  • Burgers: 7,831
  • Rotisserie chickens: 3,489
  • Crispy green beans: 2,020


  • Bowls of ramen: 15,778
  • Sushi rolls: 15,380

1:22 p.m.: This article has been updated with information from Ni-Kome.


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