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Austin’s Newest Brewery Is Looking for a Taproom

Frontyard Brewing is already producing beers available in the city

Frontyard Brewing rye IPA
Frontyard Brewing rye IPA
Frontyard Brewing/Facebook
Erin Russell is associate editor of Eater Austin, a native Austinite, and a big fan of carbs.

While Austin’s newest brewery Frontyard Brewing doesn’t have a public taproom, its beers are now available in Austin. However, the team, consisting of brewer Kevin Jones, Chad Worner, and Byran Russell, is looking for for a separate space to debut a fully functioning taproom.

Currently, Frontyard offers four beers: a rye IPA (this will be at Stouthaus), an oatmeal stout, a Belgian blonde ale, and a coffee milk stout made with coffee from the nearby Civil Goat Coffee Co.

Frontyard delivered its first kegs around town and is set to appear in select stores by the end of the month. The beer can be found at Sunset Valley cafe Stouthaus Coffee Pub starting this week, and will soon be for sale at the Exxon at 700 Cuernavaca Drive North (with other resale locations in the works).

Jones started homebrewing about seven years ago, as he told Eater, then began to enter competitions “to find out if my beer was actually good or if my friends were just very kind.” Jones found the competition arena to be a resource. “Austin’s beer culture is a really cool scene where brewers come alongside each other rather than view each other as competition,” he said. After winning several best-in-show awards, he joined with Worner (a fellow homebrewer who runs operations) and Russell (who does the brand’s marketing) to start the brewery.

Of the name, Jones explained: “The goal of Frontyard is to bring families and neighbors together, we believe that the front yard is the place to do it and that beer just the thing to bring them together.” The three friends all have young children themselves (with three kids under five, a full-time job, and the brewery, Jones named “proximity” as the factor when choosing a brewing site).

Frontyard Brewing

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