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Japanese Crepes Have Arrived in Austin

Crêpeful boasts of the French kind, but portable

Crepes from Crêpeful
Crepes from Crêpeful

A University of Texas alum is bringing Japanese crepes to Austin with Crêpeful, a shop specializing in the portable treat. Crêpeful is now open in the Oasis shopping center at 6550 Comanche Trail, out by Lake Travis.

Owner Dat Lam, who immigrated to Austin from Vietnam at the age of 10, fell in love with the desserts while on a trip to Tokyo. Japanese-style crepes are made to be consumed on-the-go, wrapped into a cone shape and filled with ingredients like whipped cream, strawberries, and caramel (Lam told Eater he calls them “most outgoing, adventurous sister of the crêpe family”).

The core of the menu is Japanese crepes, with about ten set flavors, both sweet and savory (Lam’s take on tiramisu, the first flavor of crepe he had, will be on the menu) and rotating seasonal specials. He also plans to offer shaken iced tea, different Vietnamese coffees, Asian-influenced desserts (like waffles and raindrop cake), and other snack items.

He told Eater he chose the location because of the friendly neighbors and the fact that the area makes him “feel like I’ve escaped my daily routine and I’m in a vacation destination.” Expect a modern, minimalist space to keep the focus on the food.

Crêpeful is open Wednesday and Thursday from 2 p.m. to 9 p.m. and Friday through Sunday from noon to 9 p.m.

This article has been updated to reflect that Crêpeful is now open, as well as its current hours and menu.


6550 Comanche Trail, Austin, TX 78732 Visit Website

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