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‘Black Panther’ Menu at Alamo Drafthouse Is Inspired by Ethiopian Cuisine

Full of berbere spice and niter kibbeh

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Alamo Drafthouse’s Black Panther menu
Alamo Drafthouse’s Black Panther menu
Alamo Drafthouse/Official
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

In anticipation of Black Panther, the Marvel movie focused on the superhero of the same name, Alamo Drafthouse revealed its themed food and drink-menu in honor of the movie. While the special menu is available now, the film premieres in Austin on Thursday, February 15.

A majority of the film takes place in the fictional African country of Wakanada, so Alamo chef Brad Sorenson took inspiration from Ethiopian flavors. He made plentiful use of berbere spice and niter kibbeh (butter with berbere), from popcorn doused with the spiced butter and spicy chicken wings. For sweets, there is a shake made with African coffee and ginger. Read on for the full menu below.

Advanced tickets for Black Panther have sold out very quickly already, more so than other Marvel films.

Black Panther Food Menu at Alamo Drafthouse

Niter Kibbeh Popcorn: fresh popped corn tossed in spiced butter

Waddii Berbere Spiced Wings: roasted chicken wings seasoned with berbere spice with a side of nigella seed-garlic yogurt for dipping.

African Coffee and Ginger-Spiced Shake: thick and rich vanilla soft serve blended with African coffee, ginger, cinnamon and berbere spice. Make it a boozy adult treat for a few bucks more

Dabo Kolo: Warm and soft baked-to-order breadsticks seasoned with roasted barley, nigella seed, sesame, and basil.

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