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Texas Monthly Names the Best Pastrami in the State

Farmers market staple Mum Foods serves up excellent seasoned, smoked beef

Pastrami from Mum Foods
Pastrami from Mum Foods
Holly Postler/Mum Foods/Facebook

It took Texas Monthly’s barbecue editor Daniel Vaughn five years to name his favorite pastrami in the state, with the honors going to Austin-based Mum Foods. The shop, which can only be found at farmers markets on the weekends, serves smoked wagyu brisket, beef short ribs, and “pastrami that’ll make a Brooklynite take notice.”

Vaughn says Mum excels because it doesn’t “screw with the basics,” which means a wet brine of Kosher salt, curing salt, and sugar, with a dry pepper and coriander rub. While Vaughn believes Texas barbecue joints occasionally over-salt pastrami, Mum had “the perfect level of seasoning in every bite,” as he went on to describe:

The meat was dripping with juice, and tore apart easily. A layer of fat on top was as soft as room-temperature butter. There was a peppery bite, but I wouldn’t call it spicy. The best thing about it was the pleasant saltiness.

Mum Foods can be found at the Cedar Park and Barton Creek farmers markets on Saturday, and the Mueller Farmers Market on Sundays.

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Mum Foods

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