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Bribery Bakery Closes Wells Branch Pastry Shop

No more fanciful cupcakes or pies

Jodi Elliott at Bribery Bakery in Wells Branch
Jodi Elliott at Bribery Bakery in Wells Branch
Bribery Bakery/Facebook
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Chef Jodi Elliott decided to close down the last remaining location of Bribery Bakery up in Wells Branch. “I’ve made the difficult decision to close and sell Bribery Bakery,” she wrote on Facebook. The shutter is effective immediately. Read on for the full note below

Elliott shut down Bribery Bakery’s boozy Mueller location in late August 2017. At the time, she noted that it was “all-consuming” to run two bakeries at the same time, and that she wanted to get back into making actual desserts and pastries.

Elliott is looking for a buyer for the Wells Branch space — “at a bargain price” — so she is asking that interested parties reach out. For herself, she’s looking to get into pastry consulting in the near future.

The original Bribery Bakery opened in March 2015, after plans to open in East Austin fell through. She followed that with the second location in Mueller with a cocktail component in February 2016.

Bribery Bakery’s Closing Note:

Hi Everyone,

After a lot of thought and soul searching, I’ve made the difficult decision to close and sell Bribery Bakery. It’s been an unforgettable and invaluable life experience that I will always cherish. Opening my own little bakery was a dream come true and sharing my baked goods with Austin has been my absolute pleasure. I’m beyond grateful for everyone’s support over the years and thank you for letting me share in your celebrations.

I’ve decided to sell at a bargain price, so the hunt is on for the perfect buyer to make their dream a reality! It would be a fabulous opportunity for any aspiring restaurateur. If you’re interested feel free to reach out to for more info.

I’m moving on to do more pastry consulting and looking forward to new and always sweet adventures!

As a parting gift, I’m posting a link to our famous carrot cake recipe that was featured in Food & Wine back in 2009 - enjoy!!!

Happy Baking,


Bribery Bakery [Closed]

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