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New York Gelato Popsicle Shop Comes to Austin

Popbar will bring pops, ice cream sandwiches on sticks, and milkshakes to downtown

Popbar’s gelato popsicles
Popbar’s gelato popsicles
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

New York-based gelato popsicle chain Popbar is opening its first Austin store on West 3rd Street sometime in late January, though there is no exact opening date as of yet.

Update, January 26: Popbar is now open.

Popbar’s gelato popsicle menu spans over 40 flavors of chocolate, vanilla, and hazelnut to passion fruit, matcha, and pumpkin pie. Then there are sorbet-based popsicles like apricot, blood orange, and kiwi; gelato sandwiches on sticks; yogurt-based popsicles; and miniature versions too.

The popsicles are also customizable with chocolate dippings and toppings. There are plans to offer flavors and toppings inspired by Texas.

For drinks, there are hot chocolates, frozen hot chocolates, and milkshakes made with the gelato and sorbet pops called the Ultimate Double Shake.

“We wanted to be in the city center, so we could be accessible to the many heavy-footed areas within Austin,” a rep told Austin. The franchisees are Lisa Tran and Mariam Oshman. There are plans to open other Austin stores as well.

The first Popbar opened in Manhattan in 2010, followed by locations across the country like California, Arizona, Florida, and Texas, and around the world in Canada, Russia, Panama, and Singapore. Impending stores are slated for South Carolina, Louisiana, as well as elsewhere in Texas like Dallas.

Austin boasts of another popsicle chain, the Alabama-based Steel City Pops, which opened its first local brick-and-mortar up on Guadalupe last fall.

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