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Tea Haus Is Opening a New Fast-Casual Asian Restaurant

The cafe is also expanding with new locations and poke shops

The basil fried chicken at Tea Haus
The basil fried chicken at Tea Haus
Tiffany C./Yelp
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

Popular West Anderson Lane strawberry brick toast spot Tea Haus is expanding with a new fast-casual restaurant, 101 by Tea Haus. The counter service spot with dine-in and takeout options will focus on an Asian menu, along with grab and go items, full bar, and pastries for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It’ll be found on Airport Boulevard in Highland, within the same plaza that houses conveyor belt sushi chain Kula sometime in mid-October.

The name 101 by Tea Haus was inspired by introductory college classes. The menu is “culturally significant,” said Tea Haus partner Mathew Wang, “and they represent the lifestyles of different Asian countries.” The food list includes Taiwanese beef noodles, bulgogi (which can be served in tacos and sliders, or on top of tater tots and french fries), Korean chimeak (beer and chicken), and Japanese curry cutlets.

“Through the language of taste, you quickly get the idea of the culture,” Wang said. “What we’re trying to do is create an experience where you go, ‘Hey I want to learn more.’” The restaurant is meant to serve as a “bridge” to Asian countries.

101’s long counter will be divided in half: one side is the full bar with beer, wine, and cocktails, the other side is all about food, pastries, and non-alcoholic beverages like coffee and tea. It’ll also serve Tea Haus favorites, including sea salt creme coffee, boba milk teas, and lemonades.

Pastry chef Erica Liu, aka Miss Confectionist will make baked goods and sweets just for 101. Look for Japanese cotton cheesecake, mochi brownies, milk tea cookies, and others.

Tea Haus is also expanding with two more locations. The first will be found one on Ranch to Market Road 2222, and the other in the same plaza as impending Asian supermarket chain H Mart on Lakeline Boulevard. Those two new restaurants will include Tea Haus’ other new venture, Poke Haus, which will focus on the Hawaiian fish dish.

101 by Tea Haus

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