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Rainey Street Bar Busted for Refilling Opened Bottles of Liquor

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TABC found that Icenhauer's violated an alcoholic beverage code


Rainey Street bar Icenhauer’s was cited for refilling its liquor bottles, as reported by Houston Chronicle. It is the only Austin establishment on the list of Texas violators. The TABC alcoholic beverage code states that:

No holder of a mixed beverage permit may refill with any substance a container which contained distilled spirits on which the tax prescribed in Section 201.03 of this code has been paid.

This means that Icenhauer’s replenished already-opened bottles of liquor with either more of the same liquor or another booze. Because of the violation, the bar’s punishment is either a suspension of its liquor permit or paying a fine of $900.

Owner Michael Icenhauer told Eater:

"In an effort to save bottles, we used to remove all labels and then batch our house-made infusions into said bottles. We have worked with TABC and have corrected the issue, no longer reusing any bottles.”

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