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The Early Word on Hill Country-Inspired Pitchfork Pretty

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Read on for the good and the bad news on butter, bagels, and prices

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Pitchfork Pretty
Pitchfork Pretty
Nadia Chaudhury/EATX

In the two months Pitchfork Pretty has been open, the Hill Country-inspired restaurant has already garnered quite a bit of praise. Owner Seth Baas and executive chef Max Snyder, who returned to Austin from San Francisco, focused on creating a visually appealing space that serves seasonal food. Read on for the early word on the East Cesar Chavez breakfast and dinner spot.

The food: The buckwheat cornbread is a visual standout, served with miso butter dotted with tiny flowers. The Daily Texan’s Lisette Oler spoke to a customer who said, “If they pay that much attention to the butter they give you for the bread, you can pretty well guarantee they’re watching everything else as well.” Joleen Jernigan at The Austinot seconded that sentiment: “I want to eat this butter on everything all the time.” Another popular dish is the spaetzle, which Oler called “light, filling and tasty,” and Zagat Austin editor Veronica Meewes recommended saving room for desserts like lemon ice box cake and masa crepe cake with white chocolate mole.

The restaurant is also open for breakfast, and Jernigan noted that homesick New Yorkers will be pleased with the lox bagel, with all components made in-house. Zagat was thankful for the “much-needed bagel service” in the neighborhood.

The space: The distinctive A-frame of Pitchfork has an “airy, cozy” feel to it, per Jernigan, with a large patio space, on-site garden, and a rare-to-the-area parking lot. Meewes added that the high ceilings, full windows, and large patio created “a distinctly open feel to the dining experience.”

The service: Oler noted the attention to detail in clearing the table and asking for dietary restrictions. Several Yelp users commented on the pleasant service, with staff making an effort to learn customer names and make meals special.

The overall experience: Jernigan is already recommending to everyone she knows. Some users on Reddit griped about the price point (like the lox bagel) but most visitors are excited to return to the restaurant.

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