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Watch: This Tiny Smoked Brisket Is the Perfect Homage to Austin

Complete with miniature smoker and small fire pit

Tiny Kitchen’s tiny smoked brisket

Tiny Kitchen, a YouTube channel that creates impossibly small food, paid homage to Texas barbecue by smoking an itty bitty brisket, complete with a miniature smoker, small fire pit, and Austin street art. The video, seen above, contains contains instructions for making a one-inch piece of brisket with baked beans.

The tiny brisket is given a simple salt and pepper rub, while the baked beans are a little more intricate, made with brown sugar, paprika, and bacon. Don’t think that slight brisket requires less TLC though — the recipe still calls for a smoking time of several hours.

Tiny Kitchen is a division of Tastemade, which makes many of the 60-second recipe videos that make the rounds on Facebook. The video series is currently doing a “road trip” series, having created videos for New Orleans beignets and coffee, Maine lobster rolls, Philly cheese steaks, Hawaiian poke, and Nashville hot chicken so far. It dabbled in tiny tacos last year.

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