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Pitmaster Aaron Franklin Judges ‘Chopped Grill Masters’ Tonight

Challenges involve vegetable steaks and lamb

Aaron Franklin slicing brisket at the Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival in 2016
Aaron Franklin slicing brisket at the Texas Monthly Barbecue Festival in 2016
Spencer Morehead/Texas Monthly Promotions/Flickr

Austin’s favorite pitmaster Aaron Franklin is one of the judges of Food Network’s cooking competition show Chopped’s grilling offshoot, Grill Masters. The penultimate episode airs tonight, Tuesday, August 22 at 9 p.m.

The series, hosted by Ted Allen, features four competing chefs who create appetizers, entrees, and desserts using grills and smokers. Franklin, along with his fellow judges and Food Network regulars Maneet Chauhan and chef/owner of New York's Stanton Social Chris Santos. The contestants helm from Michigan, California, Utah, and Georgia.

According to the description of the episode, the challenges included vegetable steaks, lamb, dragon fruit, and mesquite powder. The winner of this episode takes the final spot for the final competition. Read on for the full write-up below.

Grill Masters: Battle 4
Just one spot left for the Grand Finale! A feisty group of chefs is trash talking from the start, but will the vibe change after somebody’s lamb appetizer lands on the chopping block? A “steak” made out of a vegetable is one of the surprises the chefs face in the entrée basket. The last two competitors are supremely confident, but their knowledge of dragon fruit and mesquite powder could play a role in who grills the best dessert.
Competitors: Joanna Dunn (Grand Rapids, Mich.), Nikki Martin (West Hollywood, Calif.), Marco Niccoli (Salt Lake City, Utah), Jim Stancil (Oxford, Ga.)
Judges: Maneet Chauhan, Aaron Franklin, Chris Santos

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