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Get Ready for Sweet and Savory Tarts From Tart Shop

With an eventual bakery

A dessert tart from Tart Shop
A dessert tart from Tart Shop
Tart Shop/Facebook

Craving the delicious combination of a perfectly rolled crust with a savory or sweet filling? Tart Shop is Austin’s newest dessert shop from owner Abigail King. While there is no current location, she hopes that she’ll be able to open a brick and mortar eventually.

Tart Shop offers flavor combinations like caramelized leek and chevre, salted caramel coconut, spicy peach. The bakery also creates gluten-free crusts.

King is currently hosting summer tart dinners at Hotel Eleven, where the tarts are paired with wine or beer. The next date hasn’t been set yet.

Its monthly subscription service delivers 11-inch tarts to members, either sweet or savory depending on preference. Prices range from $100 for three months to $350 for a 12-month subscription. Members can add extra tarts to their order at any time for an additional cost.

King is also working on a new delivery menu, and plans to expand her catering offerings.

Hotel Eleven

1123 East 11th Street, Austin, Texas 78702 Visit Website