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Richard Linklater’s New Movie Theater Will Serve Smokey Denmark Hot Dogs

The upcoming AFS Cinema’s food and drink menu

Smokey Denmark’s sausages
Smokey Denmark’s sausages
Smokey Denmark/Facebook
Nadia Chaudhury is the editor of Eater Austin covering food and pop culture, as well as a photographer, writer, and frequent panel moderator and podcast guest.

For hungry movie-goers, AFS Cinema, the Austin Film Society’s new arthouse theater, will dish out what it deems as an “Austin-centric” menu in Highland. That means sausages and hot dogs from Smokey Denmark, cheese plates from Antonelli’s, upscale popcorn, and more. Scope out the offerings preview below.

Update, May 26: AFS Cinema is now open.

This is all under new head chef Peter Klein, who created the menu along with consulting chef Jorge Hernandez. Klein previously worked for Galen Zamarra’s (no longer) Mas in New York, and most recently, Olamaie. He also knows hot dogs very well, after having spent some time as the culinary director of Bark Hot Dogs in New York (it closed last year).

All food and drinks will be available for purchase before or after screenings, and yes, you can bring everything into the two theaters. Cocktails are on deck, like the gin and tonic. The theater is pegged to open sometime later this month.

Also of note: Smokey Denmark shuttered its sausage-slinging trailer.

Director Richard Linklater founded the Austin Film Society, which took over the Marchesa Hall and Theatre for AFS Cinema. It will be found within The Linc, which will include an Easy Tiger expansion to come later this year as well.

AFS Cinema’s Potential Food Menu

  • Sausages and hot dogs from Smokey Denmark
  • Antonelli's Cheese Plate, with domestic and imported cheeses, pickles, grainy mustard, and various other accoutrements
  • AFS Popcorn, a small batch specialty made with heirloom kernels, dressed in clarified butter, nutritional yeast, AFS spice blend. Other flavors include olive oil and sea salt
  • Classic Egg Salad Toast with hickory smoked trout roe, served on a white Pullman bread from Houston bakery Slow Dough Bread Co, dusted with pimento and a mix of chives, parsley and dill
  • Seasonal fruit with honey creme fraiche
  • Nostalgic boxed theater candies

AFS Cinema’s Potential Drink Menu

  • Draft and canned beers from Texas breweries, like Austin Beerworks, Live Oak, and Adelbert’s
  • AFS Gin Tonic, made with dry gin, Lillet Rose, lime and Mediterranean tonic, garnished with lime, juniper berries, mint and basil.
  • Stumptown espresso and coffee

AFS Theater

6406 N I-35, Suite 3100, Austin, Texas 78752 Visit Website