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Beloved South Texas Taco Palenque Rolls Into Austin With Piratas Tacos

With potential brick and mortars

Taco Palenque’s food
The array from Taco Palenque
Taco Palenque/Yelp

Laredo-based Taco Palenque is coming to Austin this summer in the form of a food truck featuring several of the fast-casual restaurant’s most popular items. While the location has yet to be determined, the celebrated chain is hinting that multiple Austin brick and mortar locations could follow, reported Statesman.

Taco Palenque is praised for its authentic Mexican tacos, including its famed pirata taco. It consists of two flour tortillas with grilled fajitas, refried beans, and melted cheddar cheese. (The taco recently earned a spot on Taco Journalism's best tacos of 2016 list.) The restaurants also serve up burritos, parrilladas, enchiladas, plates, housemade corn and flour tortillas, and the plentiful fresh salsas.

The first Taco Palenque location opened Laredo in 1987, and today it has more than 20 outposts throughout the Rio Grande Valley, Houston, San Antonio, and New Braunfels. Owner Don Pancho also founded El Pollo Loco, which he sold before launching Taco Palenque. He went on to found Palenque Grill, pegged as a fine dining extension of Taco Palenque.