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San Marcos Barbecue Spot Hays County Barbeque Expands With Burger Restaurant

Onion rings, smoked meats, beer, wine

Hays County Bar-B-Que
Hays County Bar-B-Que
Robert J. Lerma/EATX

San Marcos barbecue joint Hays County Barbeque is getting into the burger game with a brand new restaurant. Co-owners Michael and Asenette Hernandez will open Hays County Burgers & BBQ in Martindale, Texas, sometime in April, as reported by Community Impact.

Hays County Burgers will serve up burgers, onion rings, and barbecue (of course), along with beer and wine. Some of the burgers will potentially involve smoked meats as well. The new address, which used to house Cottonseed Cafe, will include a patio and dedicated event area.

Community Impact also reported there are expansion plans for the original Hays County Bar-B-Que, adding a new building and renovating the parking lot. It will remain open for the most part during construction.

The Hernandezes opened Hays County Barbeque in 2007, when it was known as Woody’s (which opened in 1984). Michael knew nothing about barbecue, but quickly Hays became a smoked meats destination.

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