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Watch: Armie Hammer Geeks Out Over Grilling With Freedmen’s

The actor and co-pitmaster grilled some steaks together

Armie Hammer and Freedmen’s Brad Robinson grilling steaks
Armie Hammer and Freedmen’s Brad Robinson grilling steaks
Arnold Wells

During SXSW, The Social Network actor Armie Hammer hung out with Freedmen’s co-pitmaster Brad Robinson at Stunt Ranch in Hill Country. The pair decided to make steaks using a grill over a firebox in a smoker. Watch the full video below.

Hammer geeked out over the intricacies of grilling with Robinson. He likes his steaks with a “borderline extreme sear.” He explained, “I like ‘em burnt on the outside, and, depending on the cut of steak, medium rare to medium if it’s fatty, because it could take it.” He likes to let his salt-and-pepper seasoned meat sit “never more than five minutes or less than 40 minutes,” because the salt really “pulls some of those protein-rich fluids, like the myoglobins and all that, which give you a really good sear.” The two also discussed indirect heat and types of smoking wood.

When the steaks were done, Hammer covered each slab with a butter, garlic, and rosemary blend. The performer was in town for the SXSW premiere of his film, Free Fire. He and co-star Sharlto Copley also played paintball with a couple of fans.

Now we're cookin'! Watch Armie Hammer live as he barbecues up some surefire Texas classics. #FreeFire

Posted by Free Fire on Monday, March 13, 2017

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