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Voodoo Doughnuts’ Twin Peaks doughnuts
Voodoo Doughnuts’ Twin Peaks doughnuts
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'Twin Peaks' Diner Popped Up During SXSW

With limited-edition Voodoo Doughnuts

The Double R Diner diner from Twin Peaks, the cult mystery show from David Lynch, is a comfort-filled haven full of damn fine coffee and cherry pie. In anticipation of the show’s return in the spring, television network Showtime decided to bring the iconic diner to life with a two-day pop-up this week, from Thursday, March 16 through Friday, March 17.

Eater toured the pop-up diner, found next door to Clive Bar on Rainey Street, marked by a replica of the diner’s sign. The stall features red and white checkered floors, red stools, pink and white neon ceilings, waitresses decked out in blue uniforms and aprons, mugs, and pink doughnut boxes.

Voodoo Doughnut created sweets inspired by the show (and approved by Lynch himself): the Cup of Midnight Joe with mocha Bavarian cream, the cherry-filled White or Black Lodges, and the Double R with chocolate Bavarian cream. Each are decked out in designs inspired the show: the black and white chevron floor of the Black Lodge and and a symbol from the Owl Cave.

The free doughnuts are served from noon to 1 p.m. each day, along with free cold-brew (not in cups) from High Brew Coffee and cherry pies from Tiny Pies, along with Lynch patches for the first 250 people in line.The Showtime House (within Clive Bar) next door, will provide more coffee and pies. The doughnuts are also available for sale at Voodoo Doughnut’s shop on Dirty Sixth.

Similarly, AMC popped up the familiar fried chicken chain Los Pollos Hermanos from Breaking Bad/Better Call Saul last weekend, serving curly fries.

Twin Peaks diner at SXSW
Twin Peaks diner at SXSW
Twin Peaks diner at SXSW
Twin Peaks doughnuts
Voodoo Doughnuts at Twin Peaks
Twin Peaks diner at SXSW
Twin Peaks diner at SXSW
Twin Peaks diner at SXSW

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