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Austin’s Original Craft Brewery Celis Brewery Returns This Spring

No more Flemish Fox Brewery

Installing the cooper kettle in Celis Brewery's taproom
Installing the cooper kettle in Celis Brewery's taproom
Celia Brewery/Facebook

Christine Celis, Pierre Celis’ daughter and partner in Austin’s original Celis Brewery, is restoring her family’s legacy this spring with a new brewery under the same name in North Burnet. Originally, the brewery was pegged to open as Flemish Fox Brewery, but that's no longer the case, as Celis was able to regain the name and trademark.

Her father, master brewer Pierre Celis, is credited with reviving the tradition of Belgian witbier (white beer) and his Austin-based Celis Brewery was arguably one of the biggest influencers of today’s craft brew culture not only in Austin, but in the country. The new brewery, located on the corner of Metric Boulevard and Rutland Drive, will produce Belgian-style ales, as well as newer styles. It is slated to include a taproom and outdoor beer garden.

Pierre originally opened the Celis Brewery in the little town of Hoegaarden, Belgium in 1966. He eventually sold his stake in the company and started over in Austin, where he opened a new Celis Brewery on Highway 290. He based the beer production on the original Hoegaarden recipe. In doing so, he introduced Belgian-style wheat beer to Central Texas palates. The operation and Celis brand was eventually sold to Miller Brewing Company, and the brewery closed in 2001.

The new northwest location will have the capacity to brew more than 50,000 barrels per year — including Pierre’s original recipes from both the Austin Celis Brewery and his early days in Belgium. Both Celis Wit and Celis Grand Cru has been teased among those brews being revived.

In yet more nods to tradition, members of the brewing team from the Austin’s original Celis Brewery have signed on to the new project, as has Daytona Camps, Christine’s daughter. The brewery also shipped the historic brewing equipment used by Celis in Belgium to make his witbier. It will be on display once the brewery opens. In addition, the massive copper kettle that anchored the original Celis Brewery and was sold along with the original brewery returned to Texas and will be showcased in the taproom.

Last year, Christine launched Flemish Fox Brewery & Craftworks and teamed up with Detroit-based Atwater Brewery to secure the current property. Christine has since reacquired the Celis brand and trademark. So while Flemish Fox will still be the name of the owner of the property and there may be some beers under the Flemish Fox name, it will be doing business officially as Celis Brewery.

Celis joins the Austin’s growing beer nerve center in North Burnet, joining Austin Beerworks, Adelbert's Brewery, Oskar Blues Brewery, Circle Brewing Company, NXNW Restaurant and Brewery, and 4th Tap Co-op Brewery.